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BSC Designer

Any organization needs a strategy to overcome challenges, and any strategy needs to be properly defined and described on a strategy map, as well as communicated and monitored with KPIs. BSC Designer® software helps with this!

Examples of Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map, and KPIs

It is easier to get started with the Balanced Scorecard when you have some good examples and templates. Check out some examples of real projects, and then find their KPIs for various business domains, strategy maps, and graphical templates for your presentation.

How to come up with a sound business strategy

Balanced Scorecard is not just about “balancing” metrics and KPIs in some way; it is about describing an organization’s strategy and making it easy to execute it. When you have a good strategy, then execution will be much easier.

Describe your strategy on strategy maps

Business goals on strategy map can be distributed across several strategic themes, and they are linked with each other by cause-and-effect connections, and KPIs and initiatives are aligned with business goals.

Strategy maps in BSC Designer:

Track strategy execution and monitor current performance with KPIs

Key Performance Indicators help tracking strategy execution, and monitor the current business performance. Data for indicators can be entered manually, obtained from a data source like Excel, Oracle, MySQL, and OLAP.

Cascading, Alignment, Accountability, and Reporting

The Balanced Scorecard is not for top managers only – it need to be cascaded throughout an organization. When cascading business scorecard, a leader can share the big picture of the strategy, achieve accountability, and have strategy execution under control.

BSC Designer Editions

BSC Designer is available as Windows desktop application, cloud-based SaaS, server, and Android app.

BSC Designer PRO

  • Powerful strategy map and KPI functionality.
  • Store your data locally or seamlessly integrate with cloud.

BSC Designer Online

  • Balanced Scorecard in the cloud – access it with any Internet browser.
  • Share your scorecard, and assign user rights.

BSC Designer Server

  • Run your own Balanced Scorecard server.
  • All the benefits of cloud version + your data is stored in your database.

Who uses it?

BSC Designer software is recognized by business professionals all over the world.

Users about BSC Designer

The range of BSC Designer users varies from teachers of MBA courses who use software to build business models for their students to international companies where BSC Designer is cascaded across the departments. Check out some testimonials below to learn what users like about BSC Designer.