Setup Key Performance Indicators

Video manual for the KPIs in BSC Designer

The "KPIs" tab in BSC Designer is for the "measurement" part of the scorecard, there you will find:

  • The indicators with their performance and progress figures
  • The panel to edit the settings of an indicator, such as value, weight, and
  • A number of visual charts and diagrams.
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Enter Your Data for KPIs

Data sources for KPIs in BSC Designer - Video Manual

With professional Balanced Scorecard software you have various ways to get your data into your business scorecard:

  • The simplest one: give an input user access to the specific indicators. A person responsible for a KPI can fill in the data regularly
  • Fetch your data from Excel spreadsheets: do a one-time import or establish a connection between .BSC project and a spreadsheet
  • Make your data load automatically from your corporate database using SQL indicators
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Big Picture of Business Strategy

Strategy Maps in BSC Designer - Video Manual

A strategy map in BSC Designer is not just a drawing tool. It can visualize business processes and KPIs. It is a base for strategy discussions, performance reviews, or a presentation of your strategic ideas.

In a business scorecard project you can have many maps:
  • A "big picture" of your strategy
  • A performance dashboard
  • Business process maps
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Alerts in BSC Designer

Video manual for Alerts in BSC Designer

Adjust BSC Designer software to inform you about important changes that occur with your scorecard:

  • Get informed when an indicator is trending into the red zone
  • Be notified when it's time to update some indicator or an indicator that was not updated on schedule
  • Get a message when someone adds some comments to the indicator
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