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Balanced Scorecard concept effectiveness measurement

The question on how to measure the success of a management concept does not have the only answer. But let’s try to find our what measurement units might be used here according to both theory and practice.

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SQL indicators with BSC Designer – step by step

The article describes how to create SQL indicators in BSC Designer and also contains answers on several question related to data sources management.

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Advantages of BSC concept

Balanced scorecard concept became very popular in a short period of time. It was realized in several thousands of companies. What makes BSC so popular among managers all over the world?

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What is Balanced Scorecard concept: the four perspectives

The four perspectives of balanced scorecard concept are described

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What is Balanced Scorecard concept

What BSC concept stands for

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Priority Email Support

AKS-Labs provides priority support service by email for its customers. The support duration is one year. The price for the priority support is specified on the ordering page of the product. The priority support service is provided by email. Your support request will be placed above other requests in the

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Video Manual

Video manual for Alerts in BSC Designer
Video ManualMore videos for BSC Designer.

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