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Balanced Scorecard for Verizon Communications

HR Scorecard Verizon

Verizon Communications Gets Human Resources On Track with a Balanced Scorecard Approach. Emerging from a recent merger and industry deregulation, and entering a time of increased competition, Verizon Communications needed to prepare for aggressive customer acquisition if it was to survive the telecomm wars. The company decided to take a

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Evaluation of Approaches to Devising Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Evaluation of approaches to devising Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Title: Evaluation of approaches to devising Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Page number: 44 Summary: This paper reviews the background literature on the use (and abuse) of key performance indicators. You will find practical advice on: constructing, integrating, reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The report includes 70 KPIs with judgement and

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Goal of Saving More Lives with a Balanced Scorecard

The National Marrow Donor Program

The National Marrow Donor Program set an ambitious goal of facilitating 10,000 transplants per year by 2015. They needed a strategic plan that would allow them to evaluate organizational performance based on overarching goals rather than approaching projects and initiatives discretely. The Balanced Scorecard approach helped them develop a broader

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Many Balanced Scorecard Implementations Fail to Deliver the Value – Interview with Gavin Lawrie

Managing Director, 2GC Active Management - specialists in strategy implementation and performance management.

10 questions to Balanced Scorecard Expert Gavin Lawrie, Managing Director at 2GC Active Management. 1.    Please, summarize in few words what is your expertise and background with Balanced Scorecard. My first exposure to Balanced Scorecard was in 1995, when I joined Renaissance Solutions, a  specialist consultancy in Boston USA that

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Case study: Strategy Improvement and Strategic Control in Finance

Balanced Scorecard Challenges. Case study “Strategy Improvement And Strategic Control in Finance”

BSC Designer helped CAJA RURAL DE SALAMANCA to improve the strategic and control efficiency

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The Balanced Scorecard Should be Cascaded to All Departments/Business Units and Teams – Interview with Sandy Richardson

Sandy Richardson, BSc, MEd;  President and Managing Consultant at Strategy Focused Business Solutions Inc.

10 questions to Balanced Scorecard Expert Sandy Richardson, BSc, MEd;  President and Managing Consultant at Strategy Focused Business Solutions Inc.; Sandy Richardson is also running interesting business blog. Could you please, summarize in few words what is your expertise and background with Balanced Scorecard? I have seen both sides

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Balanced Scorecard Helps Insurance Company to Manage New Operational Complexities

UNUM Insurance

Balanced Scorecard helps UNUM Insurance to Manage New Operational Complexities and Diverse Stakeholder Groups UNUM is a Fortune 500 company and a market leader in disability, group life, long term care and voluntary benefits.  In 1998, when the company first implemented a Balanced Scorecard approach, it had 7,200 employees; today

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Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking

Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking

Title: Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking Summary: The Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking document reviews ideas behind benchmarking, the possibility of using Balanced Scorecard for benchmarking, real-life samples of using Balanced Scorecard approach for benchmarking. This presentation is a part of Balanced Scorecard Toolkit. Buy full version as a part of  Balanced

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Instructions on how to Calculate Performance Indicators

Calculate Balanced Scorecard Performance

Title: How to calculate performance indicators step-by-step. This document is a part of BSC Toolkit. Pages number: 3 Summary: Balanced Scorecard is a well-known concept and it’s easy to find helpful articles about what this concept is. Balanced Scorecard projections and perspectives are also talked about much. Business professionals lack

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Testing Results of Balanced Scorecard Implementation and Usage

Test results of Balanced Scorecard implementation

Title: Testing Balanced Scorecard Results Summary: This part of the Balanced Scorecard Toolkit is a guide on how to measure and evaluate results of Balanced Scorecard design and implementation. Buy full version as a part of  Balanced Scorecard Toolkit Slides number: 28. Formats: PPT (MS PowerPoint), Adobe PDF Testing the

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What is BSC Designer?

BSC Designer is a balanced scorecard software available as a cloud-based service and Windows desktop application.

Getting Started with BSC Designer

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Who uses BSC Designer

According to our users, BSC Designer is easy to install, configure and it helps a lot with Balanced Scorecard, strategy maps, and KPIs.

BSC Designer Customers

Training for the software

To make it easier for the users to get started, we have a lot of free training materials for the software.

Video manuals for BSC Designer

Customer support

Should you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Pricing and buying

How much does BSC Designer cost? It depends on the configuration that you prefer. Use this price calculator to find out the total cost, get an official quote, and buy the software.

What Balanced Scorecard is all about?

Fast Track explains complex ideas in a simple way Check out Strategy Scorecard Fast Track to find easy explanation of the most important complex ideas.
  • What is a Balanced/Strategy Scorecard?
  • How to build a good strategy map?
  • How to find winning KPIs?
  • How to cascade strategy?
  • How to implement scorecard
Learn all the nuances quickly and ask follow-up questions to BSC expert. Learn more...

What are your current challenges?

We help our users to get started with Balanced Scorecard, strategy maps, and KPIs. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and respective answers to them.

Q: What is the Balanced Scorecard?

Big picture about Balanced Scorecard A: Check out: Get the big picture about Balanced Scorecard article.

Q: I'm looking for a KPIs... how do I find good ones for our business?

How to find a KPI for... A: Check out our recommendations.

Q: Do you have some examples of the Balanced Scorecard?

Examples of Balanced ScorecardA: Sure, we have some here.

Q: Balanced Scorecard is about strategy execution, right? But what is a strategy?

Define strategy, create strategy mapA: Check these articles about strategy definition and creating strategy map.

Q: How do we cascade our top level scorecard throughout the company?

How to cascade a strategy mapA: Do it by business goals, some examples will also be useful.

More questions and answers...

BSC Lessons

Download BSC Designer and we will follow up with you with lessons about the Balanced Scorecard:

BSC Designer experts

Aleksey Savkin Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard

Kazim Ladimeji HR KPIs and Performance Expert

Levi Newman Effective KPIs and social metrics

Oana Boteanu Performance Management

Oleg Tumarkin Business Measurements

Upcoming events and talks

We organize, sponsor, and participate in various events related to the strategy execution.

  • “Building Balanced Scorecard Step by Step.” 15th August, 2017, online training. Read more…
  • VIP Training sessions: Practical Business Scorecard and KPIs for CEOs and Strategists” 16th November, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal. Read more…

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Online training: Build BSC step by step

The best way to get started with the Balanced Scorecard is to join our online training.

Balanced Scorecard Training Online Strategy map, KPIs, cascading - it might be hard to put it all together. In the online training "Building BSC Step by Step" we explain all the nuances in simple words and help companies to build a prototype of their balanced scorecards.

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