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Balanced Scorecard Helps Boost Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Futura, a custom aluminum extrusion company, realized that their employees were their greatest asset in a competitive marketplace, and the foundation of their success in customer service, operations and profitability.  They used the Balanced Scorecard approach to make employee retention and support a priority, implementing a suite of human resource

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Balanced Scorecard Approach to Break into a New Market

Southern Gardens Citrus (SGC), located in Clewiston, Florida, currently produces more than 50 percent of the private label, not-from-concentrate orange juice in America. A subsidiary of United States Sugar Corporation, it’s now the world’s largest supplier of 100 percent pure, not-from-concentrate orange juice to the private label industry and to

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Case study: Develop Scorecards to Improve Business Performance

BSC Designer successfully comes along with implementation consulting services, provided by IRS Consulting, Lithuania based Management Consultancy, which implements effective Management Systems in the Baltics since 1991

Andrejus Kaleinikovas, Managing Partner of IRS Consulting, shared his opinion about BSC Designer usage with us

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Use Balanced Scorecard at most organizational levels – interview with James Creelman

10 questions to Balanced Scorecard Expert James Creelman, independent Balanced Scorecard consultant and author

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Balanced Scorecard Helps Hospital Improve Service and Tighten Funding Allocation

Bridgeport Hospital, a private, not-for-profit hospital in Connecticut, needed to improve its financial management.  The hospital had been operating at a loss despite being adequately funded, and also needed to find a way to make excellence in customer care and employee retention relevant to financial goals. The Balanced Scorecard approach

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Management needs to take the time to articulate and translate the organizational strategy – interview with Henry Killackey

Henry Killackey, Jr., Managing Partner and Educational Services Manager at Global Institute for Management shared his experience and viewpoint on Balanced Scorecard concept standings and practical usage.

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Balanced Scorecard Helped Rockwater Take Customer Service to the Next Level

In 1993, Rockwater was a global leader in underwater engineering and construction and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brown & Root/Halliburton.  The company’s service offerings included commercial diving, scour and erosion, underwater coatings and installation of marine structures, and their customer base was the oil companies whose deep-sea oil rigs they

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