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List of Sample KPIs in 5 Perspectives of BSC

List of sample KPIs in Financial Perspective

Here is a general list of key performance indicators which are divided into categories. This list should not be viewed as a must have set of indicators, but it is based on the experiences of many companies and researches related to scorecards. Financial perspective Key performance indicators of the financial category make it

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The Difference Between PROGRESS and PERFORMANCE

In the Balanced Scorecard project we have two columns - Performance and Progress. What is the difference?

The latest version of BSC Designer has much more useful features. Following requests of our users we have added the specify value – Progress. What is the difference between Progress and Performance? The indicator “Turnover Rate” has the performance equal to 16% and progress just 3,33%. Now we will check

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Strategy Maps in Government Sector

Strategy maps in government sector

The concept of strategy maps is based on the assumption that financial indicators do not always give a full picture of the company activity.  That’s why this model better suits companies and commercial organizations that have the primary goal of making profits.  It also concerns government sector.  This article focuses

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Access BSC Software Review Trial Version

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6 Problems To Fix in Your Personal Balanced Scorecard

Metric Problem: focusing on the results and efforts, instead of leading actions.

The need for the personal scorecard is promoted by known saying “What gets measured gets done.” People create their scorecards, divide their life into four, eight, or more sectors, and then expect for a miracle to happen. The next quarter/year they get back to their scorecards and see that: Some obvious

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Only a Few Companies Understand Importance of Strategic Planning and BSC – Interview with Dinesh Kakkad

Dinesh Kakkad, Executive Director of Excellence unLimited

10 questions to Balanced Scorecard Expert Dinesh Kakkad, Executive Director of Excellence unLimited

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