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平衡计分卡软件 – BSC Designer

BSC Designer - balanced scorecard, KPI and metrics software

BSC Designer 是一系列软件和网络服务解决方案,用于帮助您轻松衡量、控制和提高企业绩效。 BSC Designer 包含以下版本: BSC Designer 标准版[下载 | 立即购买] BSC Designer 专业版[下载 | 立即购买] BSC Designer 在线版[首页 | 登录] 查看版本比较图。 为什么使用 BSC Designer BSC Designer 可以应用平衡计分卡理念帮助您提高企业绩效; 50% 以上的五百强公司已经采用了平衡计分卡理念; CEO 和总经理们采用 BSC Designer 来衡量和提高生产力。查看 BSC Designer 产品的自定义选项; 什么是基于 KPI 的管理和平衡计分卡理念? KPI 管理是以衡量公司绩效为基础的有效企业观念。关键绩效指标 (KPI) 可以定义为“效率衡量指标”,用于显示实现战略目标的重要公司活动。 这看上去非常简单 – 定义您想让公司成为什么样子(比如要如何增长,优先目标是什么),然后建立衡量指标,确定您想实现战略目标的速度;例如进程的弱点和长处各在哪里,哪些需要改变,哪些运行良好。 平衡计分卡是一个控制和执行系统,它使得公司在开发有效方法时不仅可以采用良好的衡量系统,而且还会关企业理论的其他方面。 它是基于 KPI 的管理的组成部分,由哈佛商学院教授 Robert S.

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KPIs Analysis and Forecasting in BSC Designer

KPIs Analysis in BSC Designer - Video

Sometimes in order to have some meaningful business insight we need to browse the raw data. In the context of the strategy execution, raw data is what your KPIs contain. BSC Designer helps you to do some basic analysis of this data in order to discover important nuances that you

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BSC Designer Version History


Below is the version history for the BSC Designer. If for some reason you need to download older versions of BSC Designer, check the version archive here. Please note: we support only the latest version. Please note: some features are available in PRO edition only. Check editions comparison chart for

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Online Training: Build BSC Step by Step

Balanced Scorecard Training Online Strategy map, KPIs, cascading - it might be hard to put it all together. In the online training "Building BSC Step by Step" we explain all the nuances in simple words and help companies to build a prototype of their balanced scorecards.

Balanced Scorecard Software

Get your Business Scorecard Reviewed by an Expert

Get your Business Scorecard Reviewed by an Expert

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