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Organize strategy maps and metrics

Helping our clients to organize strategy and metrics using BSC Designer. Each client develops a Strategic Map. Using the provided wizard we can develop its metrics in an easy and practical way. Hugo Sanchez , President, DAG Consultores, Nicaragua, Central America A great and practical option is to deliver and

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Sarah Worsham: “The measurement of any business endeavor are actually very similar” team continues researching performance measurement theory by interviewing leading experts in this area. This time we had a pleasure of talking to Sarah Worsham, CEO & Web Strategist from Sazbean Consulting ( BSC Designer team and audience expresses gratitude for the below answers that contain very interesting points and

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BSC Designer helped me define strategy

BSC Designer helped me to define strategy that I used to improve my business: understanding the way I should serve my clients and how I have to direct my efforts. Ivan Rivera, Project Manager, PMP Despite the complex concepts behind the BSC, BSC Designer is an intuitive tool that can lead the

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Ignore and enable indicators in BSC Designer PRO

The latest version of BSC Designer PRO from now on incorporates a new feature which makes it possible to temporary enable and disable indicators, thus, excluding their values from calculation of category performance. Sometimes, managers use several related indicators that refer to different time periods. It becomes necessary to temporary

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Basic Indicators: Doing it legally

When I used IRS definition of a business as a Going Concern in my previous articles, I wanted to emphasize that businesses are nothing more than a series of ongoing transactions. But that is only true within a critical constraint: business must be legal. Drug cartel is not a business

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