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BSC Designer and Integration With Google Calendar and Tasks

Work with strategy maps and BSC software such as BSC Designer is an integral part of company routine and day-to-day schedule of employees who are in charge of BSC, strategic planning and development, as well as performance evaluation. The latest version of BSC Designer PRO makes it possible to add

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Linking the goals to the strategy with Balanced Scorecard

We are using the BSC Designer tool to create and manage a balanced scorecard for our department and for linking the goals to the company strategy. Marius van Niekerk, ERP Manager, Itec Holdings, South Africa BSC Designer is an easy to use tool that makes creating and managing KPIs and

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Still using Excel to track metrics?

Of course, it is possible to use Excel to evaluate metrics. Moreover, sometimes, use of MS Excel is even recommended, especially when it comes to small companies or demo dashboards. The potential of this software is enough to understand overall concept of BSC and create a sample dashboard. BSC Designer

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Strategy Map Examples

We have prepared for our customers strategic map examples together with step-by-step instructions on how to create these strategic maps with BSC Designer almost automatically. Check it right now and enjoy the simplicity of strategic maps.

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Leading Indicator: definition in glossary

Leading Indicators are sometimes called drivers of lagging KPIs. These measures represent future developments which are very important for strategic planning. In other words, leading KPIs signal to managers about anticipated outcomes. For example, number of customer complaints may negatively affect such measures as sales volumes or recurring purchases. Leading

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Lagging Indicator defined

Lagging Indicator is the measure that represents something that has already happened. In other words, lagging KPI gives a signal after the trend has started. The majority of financial measures are lagging. Typical examples are sales in $ or completed orders for last month. Such indicators provide managers with informant

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KPI (Key Performance Indicator) definition

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measurement used to evaluate success of an organization in a certain activity that is among success factors that contribute to implementation of strategy. In other words, selecting KPIs is choosing what is important for an organization and deciding on measurement system (percent, score, dollars

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Balanced Scorecard Software: definition in glossary

Balanced Scorecard Software is an application that is used to create and manage organization BSC, visualize goals, establish cause and effect ties between goals, measures and processes, evaluate and manage key performance indicators, create and print strategy maps, integrate software with other analytical or data collection tools etc. In other

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Balanced Scorecard (BSC): definitions and features

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a management and strategic planning tool which was developed by Kaplan and Norton in the beginning of 1990s. This strategic framework is used throughout various organizations, both commercially oriented and non-profit, public and government agencies. BSC visualizes/describes organization strategy through evaluation of key performance indicators spread

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Performance management definition

Performance management is often confused with performance measurement, although it is a broader notion and deals with processes, actions and state of business environment that influences results of performance measurement. Although these two systems complement one another, successful performance management is impossible without constant control or organization day to day

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