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Preparing for release a new balanced scorecard directory

This information is not yet release officially, but we are preparing for release a new Balanced Scorecard Directory where business professionals will find useful links to Balanced Scorecard service providers and products.

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Balanced Scorecard Values Report

There is a new type of report available in BSC Designer – Values Report. With this type of report you will have values for each indicators for each time point. Background color of cells in the table will represent state of the KPI for this date. To access new report

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German Balanced Scorecard Map with KPIs on it

As you know we run a separate German version of BSC Designer web-site at, but we’d like to announce here, that Germany is now available as a map with marks. It means that any user can create KPI and link it to certain region in Germany and BSC Designer

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Balanced Scorecard in BSC Designer in Arabic language

For our Arabic speaking users we are glad to announce release of BSC Designer with Arabic user interface. Now users from Middle East and Arabic-speaking users all over the World can create Balanced Scorecards easier. Translation of BSC Designer to Arabic includes all part of BSC Designer interface: KPIs Strategy Maps Dashboards

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Great toolkit for integrating and making a better understanding of business objectives

Support for the conceptual part of leadership and business acumen. John R., Business Trainer, Bigtalk, Norway I just started to use this application. So far it looks like a great solution for integrating and making a better understanding of business objectives. Making intangibles tangible creates important buy-ins for HR, satisfying

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Excellent tool to design and organize the main information of business

  David Martin, Specialist Quality Assurance, Vodafone, Spain It is an excellent tool to design and organize the main information of business. It serves as both for specific areas it will have a general overview of the entire company. It is especially useful for SMEs. You can also integrate with

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Easy to use Balanced Scorecard and KPIs software

We are using BSC Designer for linking strategy and corporate goals to KPIs and for measuring the performance of divisions and the company as a whole. Abdullah A., Operations Manager & Commercial Controlling, Saudi Airlines, Saudi Arabia So far I’m still trying the product. It looks promising, but I need

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BSC Designer Manual Activation Request

Your name E-mail Subject [BSC Designer] reg key activation Registration data: My Hardware ID is ____________ , and my Order ID or Registration Key is ________________

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