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Map with KPI in BSC Designer

At Balanced Scorecard Designer, we believe that you can’t control what you don’t measure.  We also know that it’s hard to understand what you don’t see.  That’s why we’re introducing a new feature: “Map with KPI.”  Now, you can visualize the current state of your Key Performance Indicators—and the current

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Infographic for the Balanced Scorecard concept

We believe that seeing information about Balanced Scorecard will give you a better insight about this concept. Download infographic as: PNG file | Adobe PDF If you prefer text information instead of info-graphic, check this statistics and facts page.

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Live info-graphic in BSC Designer

With latest improvements BSC Designer can now support live info graphics. It uses geo-maps idea for all info-graphic projects. Learn more about Hotel KPI info-graphic example   Learn more about 360 degree info-graphic example  

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Video Manual

KPI and Scorecard Reports in BSC Designer - Video Manual
Video ManualMore videos for BSC Designer.

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