8 dirty Balanced Scorecard consultant tricks (and how to avoid them)

Learn how to avoid these tricks…
  • Dirty trick 1:  They are not responsible for results, just for job done. As we found out the biggest frustration about Balanced Scorecard is motivation and actual usage of the system. If consultant is responsible only for physical implementation of the Balanced Scorecard, but not for actual results – you’d better solve this in the very beginning. Learn how to solve this.
  • Dirty trick 2:  One consultant sells, another one actually works on your project. It happens often. Good Balanced Scorecard consultant will “sell” you the idea of Balanced Scorecard implementation, but when it comes to actual implementation there is some less experienced consultant doing all the job. How to avoid the trick…
  • Dirty trick 3:  The longer they work the more you pay. Balanced Scorecard consultants like to be paid on hour base and as a result you might be overpaying much without getting expected result. Learn how to avoid this trick…
  • Dirty trick 4:  Do they really know the solution? When you ask Balanced Scorecard consultant if he or she can solve this problem they normally answer “yes”, but do they actually can solve it or they going to find some mediocre solution and then bill you their “learning” hours? You can avoid this trick!
  • Dirty trick 5: Third-party product recommendation. They will recommend you third-party products. Are you sure they are honest enough and are recommending you the best third-party product? Learn how avoid this trick…
  • Dirty trick 6: Selling you the latest version. They are recommending you some latest, best, could-based, SAAS model solution, but does your project actually need it? Learn how to avoid this trick…
  • Dirty trick 7: Do you own results? If the Balanced Scorecard is hosted by you? Do you have access to online Balanced Scorecard? They suggested you to use some online dashboarding and Balanced Scorecard solution, but are you sure you have all admin access data and can control the project? Are there hidden fees? What if the next day the price of this cloud service will grow up twice? Learn how to avoid this Balanced Scorecard trick…
  • Dirty trick 8:  They bid low, but later bill high. It is classic. They ARE Balanced Scorecard consultants, so they have to know about all the difficulties when implementing the Balanced Scorecard and they have to estimate project correctly, but they do not do it! Learn how to avoid this trick…
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