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AKS-Labs,  a software development and consulting company, is focused on Strategy Management and Business Intelligence solutions.

The major product of the company is BSC Designer, which helps top-managers and CEOs to formulate and execute their strategy using the Balanced Scorecard framework. The goal of the product is to give executives a possibility for better decision making, while also measuring and improving business performance and productivity. BSC Designer is recognized by professionals all over the world as one of the most powerful and easy to use tools for the Balanced Scorecard.

One of the goals of the BSC Designer project is to provide relevant information for the Balanced Scorecard professionals in a form of various info-products. Also, those who want to learn more about the Balanced Scorecard framework can read articles by our experts or pass eTraining available online.


AKS-Labs was started in 2000, and is also known among software developers for its powerful file utilities, for instance Compare Suite and tools for quality assurance like RoutineBot.

The headquarters of AKS-Labs is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Our major partner in the Czech Republic is Kitonik s.r.o. The company also has a branch in Raleigh, USA and in Barcelona, Spain.

AKS-Labs in professional communities

AKS-Labs has been a member of ASP since 2001,and is a member of business and software professionals’ community ISDEF. You can meet our representatives at software conferences in US and Europe (like ESWC, SAT, CeBIT, ISDEF).

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Contact Person: Robert Elliott
Contact E-Mail: support <at> bscdesigner.com


2501 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 150,
Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: 1-877-257-4555

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BSC Designer Authors

Aleksey Savkin Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard

Kazim Ladimeji HR KPIs and Performance Expert

Levi Newman Effective KPIs and social metrics

Oana Boteanu Performance Management

Oleg Tumarkin Business Measurements

Upcoming Events and Talks

  • "Building Balanced Scorecard Step by Step." 6 April - 4 May, 2015, online training. Read more...
  • "Formulating and describing SEO strategy." ISDEF Conference, 17-18 April, 2015, Budapest, Hungary.
  • "Business scorecards for software developers." German Testing Day, 15 - 16 July, 2015, Frankfurt, Germany.
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Whether you are looking for a professional Balanced Scorecard software, or just researching information about Balanced Scorecard and business strategies, we recommend you to download and try our BSC Designer software (no credit card is required).

We will follow up with you with lessons about the Balanced Scorecard and will keep you informed about the trending articles on bscdesigner.com

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