We are looking for business partners interested in promoting Balanced Scorecard software that is recognized by users world-wide as a powerful and easy to use solution.

Step 1. Top 5 reasons why promote a Balanced Scorecard software

Step 2. Learn about partnership program in short video

Check this 9 minutes video introduction to the Balanced Scorecard niche and BSC Designer Partnership program:

Step 3. Download BSC Designer Partner Kit

Inside you will find graphics for BSC Designer, sale letter, basic information about product and partnership program.

Download Balanced Scorecard Toolkit for Partners

Download Balanced Scorecard Toolkit for Partner

Step 4. Sign-up with partnership program right now

Two basic partnership programs include Affiliate and Reseller partnership programs:

  • Affiliate program – ideal passive income for owners of business blogs and web-sites


  • BSC Designer Online - a separate partner program for the web-based edition of BSC Designer

Step 5. Training for partners

There are also available training for Balanced Scorecard and BSC Designer that will help partners to better understand the software product and its applications. Learn more about partner training.

Step 6. Facts about Balanced Scorecard niche