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Accelerate the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard

I will be using BCS Designer within my team to build the Balanced Scorecard for the measurement of the performance of some of our programs. The product allows relating measurements to our corporate goals. I’m going to use BSC Designer for the self-evaluation based on my own life... Read more »

Align strategic objectives with suggested actions in tourist sector

With this product we are looking for a way to align and control strategic objectives and projects in the tourist sector with suggested actions. Henry Perez, Tourism manager, PHP, Colombia The product is well designed, it is user-friendly, and it has a nice graphical interface. It gave... Read more »

Creation of the Balanced Scorecard for the bank

We use BSC Designer for creation of the Balanced Scorecard for the bank. I proposed Balanced Scorecard for an implementation using this software to demonstrate its usefulness. Mizimo, Credit Manager, XYZ Bank Zambia plc, Zambia I think the product is good, I particularly appreciate the support that... Read more »

Linking the Balanced Scorecard with ERP database

Acting as a consultant, I can suggest the use of software to my customers. I also challenge this model to evaluate companies. Pascal de Clarens, President, Adret, Montaigu BSC Designer is easy to take in hand. Links with existing data seems to be a little bit complicated. I would like... Read more »

Create strategy, set goals, targets and KPIs

We are a small company, but we need to manage our performance as well. We needed to set goals and KPIs to monitor, evaluate, review, and manage them using a powerful tool. George Mademlis, Managing Director, Target BS, Greece We are a consulting company in Northern Greece... Read more »

Balanced Scorecard software organizes important material

We use the Balanced Scorecard concept in our marketing project. Particularly, it includes KPIs for supply accountability, and KPIs for hygiene accountability. Our current business objective is formulated as increase lines of business to increase production. Kent Haynes, Pres, Durango co I have used the Balanced Scorecard concept... Read more »

Manage KPIs for BI project for metal manufacturer

I am using BSC Designer to manage KPI for a BI project in one of the biggest metal manufacturing companies in my country. Vahid Rezaee, CEO, APA Co. Ltd, Tehran/Iran I was using BSC Designer for a KPI and BI project for the biggest metal manufacturer. The... Read more »

Controlling productivity of sales managers with KPIs

The main tasks that I’m solving with the help of BSC Designer are controlling productivity and KPI of our sales managers controlling productivity of SMM managers. Roman R., CEO, AdLaim, Perm, Russia I’m really thankful for such a good decision to control the efficiency of our company’s sales managers.... Read more »

Balanced Scorecard consultant uses BSC Designer

I work as a consultant, applying BSC concepts, your tool would be a very welcome addition supporting my efforts. Imad Jomaa, General Manager, Pillar Total Solutions, Beirut – Lebanon I have not applied yet at any of my clients’ environment. However trying it while using sample data... Read more »

Translating Excel scorecard in BSC Designer

We will try to translate our Balanced Scorecard to this software. The idea is to see there indicators for strategic and operational processes. Pablo, IT Manager, Ventalum, Bs As, Argentina We continue to translate our Balanced Scorecard to BSC Designer and hopefully this software will be an... Read more »

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