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Case studies: Strategy Maps

People use strategy map to describe their business objectives, strategies, and support their strategy discussion. Learn about strategy map best practices shared by our users. Organize strategy maps and metrics Helping our clients to organize strategy and metrics using BSC Designer. Each client develops a... Read more »

Automation Software for Balanced Scorecard - Case Studies

There is no one size fits all solution for the Balanced Scorecard automation. Some companies create basic KPIs in Excel and report their scorecards via PowerPoint; some buy complex performance management software. Every business chooses the tool for their needs, learn why people use BSC Designer,... Read more »

Cascading of the Balanced Scorecard - Case Studies

Balanced Scorecard framework helps to translate the strategy across a company. When it comes to the technical realization it might be a challenging task. Check out the case studies about technical realization of the cascading. Feel free to comment or ask your questions below. Cascade the... Read more »

Reporting with KPI Scorecard - Case Studies

One of the benefit of Balanced Scorecard is that it gives a reporting framework as well. In theory each business objective need to be aligned with at least one lagging and one leading indicator. However, in the real business world, it is not that easy. Learn the best... Read more »

Drill Down and Follow Up Objectives - Case study

Vague goals and specific objectives form any well-defined strategy. Find below some best practices about using following up and achieving these objectives. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to share in the comments below. Drill down objectives and support business intelligence system We are... Read more »

Teaching Balanced Scorecard and KPIs - Case studies

Among users of BSC Designer we have many teachers that need to explain business performance concepts to their students. On this page educational professionals and business consultants share their experience about teaching the Balanced Scorecard, and KPIs concepts. Learn more about their recommendations. Do you... Read more »

Solving performance challenge with Balanced Scorecard

They say that it is important to measure the performance of the business. Moreover, it is important to measure not just the hours spend on job, but the results and their connection to the ultimate goals. The solution to this challenge is in proper strategy description and execution. Executives... Read more »

Building Strategy Scorecard - Excel and Alternatives

MS Excel is a popular business tool, many people use it for scorecards, and KPIs. However, when it comes to the complex Strategy Scorecard or Balanced Scorecard, it might be not an adequate choice any more. Find below some thoughts from our users about the problem; follow the... Read more »

Users apply Balanced Scorecard for the personal tasks

Balanced Scorecard, strategy map, and KPIs sound like something that only top manager of international company can use. Some of our users share their experience about applying Balanced Scorecard and related ideas in their personal project and daily life tasks. Balanced Scorecard helps to follow personal... Read more »

BSC Designer supports strategy implementation tool

Users of BSC Designer share their thoughts about using the product to support strategy description, implementation, and execution. You might also be interested in checking video manuals for the functions that support strategy description, we mean Business Goals and Strategy Maps. BSC Designer Ensures Strategy Implementation... Read more »

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Video Manual

Business Goals - Video Manual
Video ManualMore videos for BSC Designer.

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