Balanced Scorecard for MBA students

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Balanced Scorecard is a powerful concept used worldwide by the most successful companies. That is why the Balanced Scorecard is today a part of course in MBA programs.

Our company has a solid background with practical usage of Balanced Scorecard we are happy to share our expertise with MBA students focusing course program on practical aspects of Balanced Scorecard.

We can participate in your MBA course in 3 different ways:

  • eTraining product “Practical introduction in Balanced Scorecard“. This products includes 50 minutes of explanations. For MBA class room this product can be used as a stand alone or together with comments of MBA lecturer who is running Balanced Scorecard course;
  • Web-based training “Practical introduction in Balanced Scorecard’. In this case one of our specialists plays role of lecturer and explains MBA students key aspects about practical usage of Balanced Scorecard, giving real-life examples and answering questions;
  • Invite our specialist to your class room. Face-to-face networking, workshops, better interaction with MBA students. One of these who designed BSC Designer, BSC Toolkit, managed creation of KPI Library will help your students with better understanding of practical aspects of Balanced Scorecard. We are located in Prague, Czech Republic, so we are free to travel in Europe.

If you are interested in adding practical course about Balanced Scorecard in MBA program that you are teaching, please contact us.

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Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

BSC Lessons

We are not going to leave you alone with our software and books about the Balanced Scorecard.
  • We are going to follow up with you with lessons about the Balanced Scorecard.
  • Our goal is to teach you key ideas and
  • Show you how these ideas can be automated.
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