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The process of Balanced Scorecard implementation is important, what is more important is to understand and what issues addresses this questionnaire:

  • If your company and your employees are ready for implementation;
  • If the Balanced Scorecard is being implemented successfully;
  • If implemented Balanced Scorecard works for your company;

This survey will provide you with some question that will show if your company is ready for balanced scorecard implementation, if the bsc is being successfully implemented in your company, if your employees really use the implemented Balanced Scorecard.

Balanced Scorecard implementation readiness

1. How good you understand the Balanced Scorecard concept. Please, describe what Balanced Scorecard concept is:

a. How strategic goals are represented in Balanced Scorecard?

b. What KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are? What are their key properties?

c. What are two key rules about KPI?

d. What winning indicator is? How to test your indicator?

e. How strategic goals and indicators are connected to the action?

f. What level of implementation of BSC in your business structure is necessary to achieve success with Balanced Scorecard ?

2. How good your implementation plans are. Please, answer the following questions to check your implementation plans about Balanced Scorecard:

a. Do you have Balanced Scorecard implementation plan in written from?

b. How many top-level employees or investors are involved in the implementation?

c. How many line-level managers and employees are involved in the implementation?

d. Does the plan include design of Balanced Scorecard for each business unit in your company?

e. Does the plan include the design of strategy map?

f. What is estimated timeline for Balanced Scorecard design, implementation and usage?

g. If you plan to review your Balanced Scorecard? What is timeline for the review?

h. If you plan to develop improvement plan for each of indicators and their values?

3. If implemented Balanced Scorecard works for your company. Answer the following question to find out if scorecard that you have created works for your company

a. If each indicator in your Balanced Scorecard is associated with employee responsible for the value of the indicator?

b. If there are indicators that improved their values in a month?

c. If there are some indicators that changed their value significantly in a month?

d. If there are indicators that have not changed their values in a month?

e. If there are some tasks that your employees do that are not linked to indicators and strategic goals?

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