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The recent Android boom has revolutionized the market of touchscreen devices, name tablets and cell phones. ASK-Labs team keeps pace with the modern techie trends, and is proud to announce release of a free Android version of BSC Designer. Although this application has a limited functionality, as compared to commercial PC versions, it is still possible to create, manage and analyze business scorecards.

BSC Designer Android has a simple user interface, thus, even users unfamiliar with Android OS can easily operate the application. Once the apk is started, users have several options – to create a new project, to open an existing file, to load a sample file (for instance, to look at interface, check out key functions, charts and graphs etc) and adjust program settings (adjust color of stop light for indicators and perspectives). Loading a sample file is the best way to get started with BSC Designer Android.

A sample file contains 4 traditional categories of BSC, each perspective containing 2-3 sample indicators. Each indicator has its value, PF (performance) and PG (progress). Perspectives have PF and PG values.

KPIs have value, performance and progress charts which can be accessed upon clicking on a relevant indicator. Also, it’s possible to edit a KPI: alter description, weight, measure unit, value, baseline, target, min and max values. Charts can be viewed by clicking on a relevant key. Owners of devices with multitouch can change size of charts. The chart setting menu allows adjusting date periods. The upper menu has a few simple buttons for adding new categories and indicators, deleting perspectives and KPIs and choosing necessary time period.

Obviously, the best way to use BSC Designer Android is to analyze scorecards created at PC versions of this software. At the same time, it is easy to build scorecards with Android apk. Also, Android software is helpful at learning the concept of BSC, creating sample scorecards, mastering the ropes of managing scorecards.

Users can share and save created or modified bsc files. Integration with Gmail is incredibly convenient, since the bsc files will be already attached to the “send mail” form. Alternatively, bsc projects can be saved on SD card or internal memory of Android devices as *bsc files.

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