BSC Designer Online – Development Road Map

BSC Designer OnlineWe are actively adding new features in BSC Designer Online to make it as powerful as BSC Designer PRO.

Below, you will find our development road map. If you think that we should give a higher priority to some features, please let us know.

Our development plans

  • Ability to upload/download .BSC project files – released
  • Basic KPI management – released
  • Timepoints - released
  • KPI icons support (view only) - released
  • Basic charts – released
  • HTML report – released
  • Business Goals manager – released 22.04.2013
  • View strategy maps created with BSC Designer PRO – released 26.04.2013
  • Integration of BSC Designer PRO and Android with online storage – released 29.04.2013
  • Support formulas for value – released 6.05.2013
  • Support of performance formulas – released 7.05.2013
  • Multi-user access – in development – released 10.05.2013
  • Support of initiatives – released 24.05.2013
  • Support of custom measure units - released 30.05.2013
  • Support of user defined icons – released 30.05.2013
  • Import of the data from text value – released 13.06.2013
  • Import of the data from Excel - released 4.07.2013
  • Improved project cashing – released 9.07.2013

We have planned the features below, but if you need something with higher priority, let us know.

  • Linking to external data sources – released 1.08.2013
  • Partner program –  released 10.08.2013 
  • Full strategy map support – released 16.10.2013
  • Email notificationsin progress
  • Dashboard view
  • Export of the date to Excel, PDF
  • Support of localization – waiting for localization 

Stay informed about updates

  • Check this page to stay informed about updates
  • We will also report major update on Facebook
  • Simply try the latest version of BSC Designer Online
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