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It is recognized by business professionals and Balanced Scorecard consultants as one of the most powerful—and one of the easiest—Balanced Scorecard tools on the market.

BSC Designer comes in four different editions:

  • BSC Designer Standard
  • BSC Designer Pro (our most powerful and feature-rich version)
  • BSC Designer Light (our freeware edition)
  • And BSC Designer Online (our web-based solution).

BSC Designer software helps companies to design, implement, and use the Balanced Scorecard to measure and improve their business performance.  It supports every stage of the Balanced Scorecard process:

1) Strategic Planning. Designing a Balanced Scorecard begins with defining your strategic goals and creating a strategy map.  Not only can BSC Designer help you to draw your strategy map; it can generate your map automatically, and link your strategy map with your Key Performance Indicators.

2) Designing your Key Performance Indicators. BSC Designer includes powerful features to help you create and manage your Key Performance Indicators.  It can track the value of your indicators as they change over time, and even access your company database to update these values automatically.

3) Improving your Business Performance.  The goal of the Balanced Scorecard is to improve your business performance by linking top-level strategic goals to line-level actions.  With BSC Designer, you can assign specific performance goals for each indicator, and link each indicator to the initiatives, tasks, and requirements that will help you to reach those goals.  You can measure and control your progress toward your goals with visual cues like stop lights, dynamic thresholds, and charts.  You can even customize the performance formulas for each of the indicators on your scorecard.

4) Teamwork and Cascades.  The key to successfully implementing the Balanced Scorecard is to involve all of your employees, from your top managers to your line-level employees.  BSC Designer includes all the features you need to combine your scorecards into cascades, delegate indicators to lower-level scorecards, and import the values of your low-level scorecards back into your higher-level scorecards.  And to make your collaboration easier, BSC Designer also allows you to create reports in HTML, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint formats, so you can easily share your experience with colleagues at every level of your organization.

Now, you can try BSC Designer for yourself, and use all of our features, absolutely free, for your first 30 days.  Just go to, and download the free trial.

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