BSC Designer Standard vs PRO

BSC Designer is available as “Light”, “Standard”, “Professional” and “Online” editions. Please, find below the difference between the four editions. BSC Designer uses .BSC as an open project format, which provides compatibility between editions.

Feature Light Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition Online Edition
Basic KPI Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weights Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Measure units Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stop lights display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time chart, Time Points Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Goals Manager Business Goals Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grouping data by time periods Yes Yes Yes
Indicator and category formula Yes Yes Yes
Enable/disable indicators Yes Yes Yes
HTML report Yes Yes Yes
Diamond chart Yes Yes Yes
Optimization chart Yes Yes Yes
Initiatives icon in BSC Designer Initiatives Yes Yes Yes
Plan Target Yes Yes Yes
Command line interface Yes Yes -
Export to Excel Yes Yes Yes
Export to PowerPoint Yes Yes
Import and export values Yes Yes Yes
FTP Check In/Out Yes Yes -
Update interval for indicators Yes Yes
Data series for indicators Data Series Yes
Analysis and Forecasting Yes Yes
Risk diagram Yes
Cascading scorecards (delegate indicators, import indicators) Yes Yes
Pie performance chart Yes Yes
Weight chart Yes Yes
Gauge diagram Yes Yes
Overview Report Yes
Dashboard Report Yes
Strategy maps Yes Yes
Custom performance formulas Yes Yes
SQL indicators – connect to databases Yes Yes
COM server – integrate with 3rd parties Yes -
Map with KPI Map with KPI Yes
E-Mail Alerts Yes Yes
Learn more… Freeware Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition Online Edition
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