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Business Analysis Methods

  • Lean Management Guide – Lean management is maximization of customer value by reducing all work wastes. Lean management addresses the five critical problems in processes of all types of organizations.
  • Free SWOT analysis guide – The Balanced Scorecard starts with the analysis of company’s strategy goals. One of the most method of analysis in this case is SWOT analysis.

Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment Guide. The objective of Risk Assessment Guide is to create awareness amongst the readers regarding the potential benefits of using risk assessment as an active tool in any company’s work structure.

BSC Application Areas

  • BSC Toolkit for HR – The BSC Toolkit for HR reviews different aspects of using Balanced Scorecard for HR unit of company: how to control and improve hire process, how to manage candidates, how to improve interview and training.
  • Balanced Scorecard for Hotel – ready-to-use Balanced Scorecards that help to measure and control the performance of hotel.
  • Training KPI Pack – Training KPI to measure training performance + guide “How to build training KPI from idea to implementation”.
  • Personal scorecard – How BSC helps achieve personal goals.

Balanced Scorecard Implementation

  • BSC Toolkit – Balanced Scorecard Toolkit includes step-by-step manuals, documents, presentations, check lists designed to help business professionals with successful development and implementation of Balanced Scorecard.
  • BSC Implementation Guide – download free Balanced Scorecard Implementation Guide.
  • BSC Examples – Download ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard examples with step-by-step guide that explains basic steps you need to do to create you first Balanced Scorecard.
  • Strategy Map Example – Get ready-to-use templates to design your own Strategy Maps. The full version includes 10 visually appealing templates for Power Point.

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Balanced Scorecard Software

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Aleksey Savkin Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard

Kazim Ladimeji HR KPIs and Performance Expert

Levi Newman Effective KPIs and social metrics

Oana Boteanu Performance Management

Oleg Tumarkin Business Measurements

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  • "Building Balanced Scorecard Step by Step." 11 May - 1 June, 2015, online training. Read more...
  • "Business scorecards for software developers." German Testing Day, 15 - 16 July, 2015, Frankfurt, Germany.
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