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Business performance management, strategy planning and execution are the most challenging business tasks these days. To survive, a business professional needs to know not only theoretical basics, but must:

  • Understand modern business frameworks; know about practical steps necessary to achieve results;
  • Learn best practices and analyze pit falls; examine the results of researches and surveys;
  • Use business templates and software automation tools; define KPIs, build dashboards, and scorecards;
  • Create strategies that actually work!

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Each week you have a new issue of the Master Group PDF with detailed review of some important topic in the area of strategy planning and execution; Each week you have an opportunity to ask a question to our experts;


Balanced Scorecard Master Group

How can a business professional get an up-to-date and actionable information on these topics? Let’s have a look at few classical ways and if one can actually use them:

  • Articles on the Internet are too vague and care more about promoting themselves;
  • Business magazines teach us a general business wisdom, but fail to teach one some specific practical skills;
  • Online forums are crowded with know-it-all persons ready to give advice even when they have nothing to say;
  • Business seminars are packed with information, but after a month one remembers only a few key takeaways;
  • You can always do your own research, but it will be time consuming, and in most cases this is not the best application of your skills;
  • Finally, there are more than 80 thousands books with “strategy” word in the title on Amazon website, hardly anyone has time to read all of them.

Balanced Scorecard Master Group Issues

As a response to these challenges we run a Balanced Scorecard Master Group:

  • Each week you have a new issue of the Master Group PDF with detailed review of some important topic in the area of strategy planning and execution;
  • Each week you have an opportunity to ask a question to our experts;
  • Unlike many “top 10 ways to…” articles on the Internet we are not writing something just to get a backlink or to sell something; we invest time in detailed research and we don’t advertise or sell anything;
  • we dedicate our time to research and share with you important theoretical and practical aspects;
  • You will receive a new issue of the master group on weekly basis, no rush, no need to spend a few days on learning something that you don’t need right now, but we ask you to think about how what we write about can be applied in your business.

Test-Drive Balanced Scorecard Master Group

Before you decide to join us we want to make sure that you actually need it. For this reason we offer you to join the Master Group for a free 1 month test period to see what Master Group is about. No credit card or filling in complicated forms is required. Subscribe to the “Test Master Group,” confirm your email and you will have your first issue of the master group soon.

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If you already heard about the benefits of our Master Group from your colleagues then feel free to go ahead directly to the buy link:

The membership in the Balanced Scorecard Master Group will help a business professional to explore new opportunities and receive  fresh perspectives of the fast growing areas of strategic planning, performance management, Balanced Scorecard, and KPIs.

Each week you will have 2-3 page report in PDF format that will review in details some of the performance management challenges. As a member you will be able to ask your questions and receive a response from our experts.

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