Balanced Scorecard Software Review

The review, comparison and analysis of the most popular Balanced Scorecard, KPI, Metric, Dashboard software and solutions.

Reviews and comparisons of the most popular Balanced Scorecard, KPI and Dashboard solutions.

The Balanced Scorecard Software Review is a report that provides readers with information on the most popular Balanced Scorecard systems.

  • Report includes review of 26 popular balanced scorecard solutions;
  • Each software solution is analyzed by price, possible application, target customers;
  • Each page of report includes CONs and PROs of this very balanced solution;

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Solutions reviewed in report

Please, find the list of reviewed systems below. Please, note: these links are for test usage only. Once purchase you will have the link for a full report.

  • Corporater Express – Corporater Express is a web-based application that is strategically designed for building, managing and sharing key business performance perspectives, in the form of measurable parameters. The developer, Corporater Inc. has already been an active player in the field of Enterprise Performance Management and has come up with several useful …
  • Business COACH – Business Coach software is interactive software that helps companies to run their business with more efficiency. This software essentially is designed for preparing single page business plans and business scorecards. It features allows it users to analyse the performance of their businesses in a holistic manner and provides advices that…
  • BusinessObjects Dashboard builder – ‘BusinessObjects Dashboard builder’ is a software from Business Objects – a big name in BI software solutions. Various products and services work in the direction of improving enterprise performance by providing better visualization tools, quick and easy reporting options. This results in tremendous savings in time and resources…
  • BSC Designer – The BSC Designer retains the very essence of the purpose for which the concept of a balanced scorecard was devised in 1992 by Norton and Kaplan. To start with the application is rather easy to use owing to its intuitive interface. It displays traditional categories like Financial Perspective, Customer perspective,…
  • CenterView Dashboard – CenterView Dashboard solution by Corda Technologies is a software that is equipped with rapid dashboard development capabilities and delivers high quality interactive charts, maps, graphs, in minutes. The software is equipped with CenterView Builder with which users can built stylish templates, charts and graphs or can modify existing …
  • Executive Dashboard – Executive Dashboard is essentially a business intelligence and work management software, which is used in managing metrics, performance and data. This web based tool can used to set goals based on a user defined criteria and measure them. By using the scalable nature of this software, one can align the strategies and goals as per the…
  • BSC Designer Online – BSC Designer Online is a web-based KPI system, it provides top managers, CEOs and business owners with valuable information on business performance. The system is designed as SaaS, meaning anyone can register with the system and use it from any point in the World with any web-browser. The system provides advanced functionality for KPI…
  • Style Intelligence – Style Intelligence software by Inetsoft is a great platform for improving business intelligence through dashboards, reporting and analysis. The software does not require any great specialized skills in the field of business intelligence on the part of users. The Patented Data Block technology of Inetsoft makes the software really…
  • InfoCaptor Dashboard Designer – InfoCaptor Dashboard Designer is intuitive performance management solution which offers some remarkable features that allow users to develop both Desktop Dashboards and Web based Dashboards with ease. The dashboard software provides multiple database support an can be integrated with all major databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server,…
  • Pentaho Dashboard – ‘Pentaho Dashboard software’ provides a centralized access to the BI content via thin-client interface. It was designed to be used both as an out-of-the-box application and a display technique to be used with other applications.
    Merging of ‘Pentaho Dashboards’ with ‘Pentaho BI Suite’ enables…
  • Prodacapo Balanced Scorecard – Prodacapo Balanced Scorecard is a fully web-enabled application that offers outstanding features that facilitate businesses in managing and measuring the performance. It is not just a performance measurement system it is a management system as a whole. The software solution is certified by Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. As the software is…
  • QPR Balanced Scorecard and Digital Dashboard – Balanced Scorecard and Digital Dashboard software provided by QPR are a part of its Corporate Performance Management Suite. The combined effect of the components of this package is the successful implementation and follow-up of balanced scorecard concept in the organization. This solution enables the structuring of strategy in the form of…
  • SAS Strategic Performance Management Dashboard and Scorecard – SAS Strategic Performance Management is a web based platform that allows users creating and managing dashboards, scorecards, diagrams, and strategic alignment of resources with the help of Strategy Map. It offers interactive and collaborative environment through which users can easily communicate the goals and strategies throughout the…
  • Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard – The software claims to be the world’s most popular and widely used strategy map based balanced scorecard utility. It is based on a financial planning concept that aims at bringing the ‘balanced’ idea into operation. The software displays the information in a dual flowing manner to present both the Financial and Weighted Performance…
  • Transpara Visual KPI Software – The Visual KPI software by Transpara Corporation is equipped to deliver on-demand operational data from various data sources to any web browser linked with a desktop, laptop or a compatible mobile device. With the software one can consolidate a wide array of KPIs into a single customized format that provides a glance of the overall asset…
  • ActiveStrategy Enterprise – Active Strategy works in the direction of ‘providing an easy way for organizations to better execute strategies’. The vendor claims ‘not to be the usual software vendor’. This is because of the hands-on experience which the organization uses in developing and deploying many of the management frameworks like Balanced…
  • Actuate Performancesoft Suite – The Balanced Scorecard software has been offered as part of ‘Performancesoft Suite’. Using this software, managers can present information in a wrapped form (as a cascade) and move into details whenever needed. This application enables transferring of strategic information to the ‘prospective users’ in easy to…
  • Balanced Scorecard KPI Key Performance Indicator Software – ‘Balanced Scorecard KPI Key Performance Indicator Software’ is supplied in the form of an email excel sheet for proper handling of Key Performance Indicators. The spreadsheet contains instructions for customization as per the needs and requirements of the client. It caters to the four traditional areas of organizational working…
  • IBM Cognos Scorecarding Software – The balanced scorecard software from Cognos is suitable clubbing of features and attributes that make both the planning and execution of strategy an easy task. The Software aims at giving a complete and clear picture of the organizational progress tracking, to both the managerial staff and employees.
    By using the ‘scorecard…
  • Prophix Dashboards and Scorecards – The Performance Management software includes several Dashboards and Scorecards that serve as effective tools for strategic planning in organizations. The visualization capabilities of these solutions have helped users in making ‘sound business decisions’, that too in much less time. This is due to providing a more useful direction…
  • iDashboards Software – The most remarkable feature of software from iDashboards is the use of ‘visual technology’ that was invented in the R&D Labs of the company itself. This is a patented technology that hands over to its users an important device for summing up the statistics in an ‘informative’ manner. Consequently, the same stock of…
  • Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 – The Balanced Scorecard Software from Microsoft has a suitable mix of features, which enable businesses to monitor the progress; analyze the key performance indicators and carry out predictions about future.This is possible via the plans, dashboards and budgets that can be framed using the utilities of Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server…
  • Microstrategy Business Intelligence Software – Microstrategy Business Intelligence Software allows business personnel to keep a constant track of the ongoing business activities in easy to understand and interactive manner. With the Microstrategy dashboards, users can observe the enterprise performance in high visual representations which are capable of integrating a variety of data …
  • SBS-STRAT-and-GO Business Scorecard – STRAT&GO takes care of all the organizational needs, when it comes to following performance measurement and management. Right from the introduction of a ‘Performance Tracking Tool’ to ‘maintaining its efficiency’; it enables taking care of all of these. Also, focusing on key objectives, projects, targets and…
  • WebFOCUS Enterprise Business Intelligence Software – Enterprise Business Intelligence Software from Information Builders empowers managers by providing them with an easy-to-implement and use tool for monitoring the progress, on daily basis. This in turn, adds to the decision-making power of users. Information can be obtained from anywhere and presented in a concise and understandable manner. …
  • BSC Designer Online – BSC Designer Online is a web-based KPI system, it provides top managers, CEOs and business owners with valuable information on business performance. The system is designed as SaaS, meaning anyone can register with the system and use it from any point in the World with any web-browser. The system provides advanced functionality for KPI…

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BSC Designer is a strategy execution software available as a cloud-based service and Windows desktop application.

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What Balanced Scorecard is all about?

Fast Track explains complex ideas in a simple way Check out Strategy Scorecard Fast Track to find easy explanation of the most important complex ideas.
  • What is a Balanced/Strategy Scorecard?
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What are your current challenges?

We help our users to get started with Balanced Scorecard, strategy maps, and KPIs. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and respective answers to them.

Q: What is the Balanced Scorecard?

Big picture about Balanced Scorecard A: Check out: Get the big picture about Balanced Scorecard article.

Q: I'm looking for a KPIs... how do I find good ones for our business?

How to find a KPI for... A: Check out our recommendations.

Q: Do you have some examples of the Balanced Scorecard?

Examples of Balanced ScorecardA: Sure, we have some here.

Q: Balanced Scorecard is about strategy execution, right? But what is a strategy?

Define strategy, create strategy mapA: Check these articles about strategy definition and creating strategy map.

Q: How do we cascade our top level scorecard throughout the company?

How to cascade a strategy mapA: Do it by business goals, some examples will also be useful.

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