KPI Guide Letter

KPI Guide Letter - Learn how to build and implement Scorecard

KPI Guide Letter – Learn how to build and implement Scorecard

Learn how to build and implement Scorecard. KPI Guide Letter is a digest focused on the practice problems of performance indicators and systems of performance indicators, e.g. Balanced Scorecards, KPIs, Metrics.

Please note: there are no long-term obligations, so the subscription can be canceled any time. Once your order for the subscription will be processed, you will start receiving emails into your email box. Make sure that “” server and “” domain are on your white list.

KPI Guide Letter:

  • It is email letter that you will have in your email box every 1,5-2 weeks;
  • The KPI Guide Letter includes information about KPIs, Scorecard, Metrics packed into step-by-step guides, checklists, schemes;
  • You will find in the letter success stories, case studies, analysis of problems;
  • Short and clear explanation of concepts without marketing and sales hype;

Goals of our authors are:

  • Save your time – you will find only ideas and tips that work, no assumptions and theories;
  • Save your money – normally the seminar on KPI costs 2000$+ with a lot of colorful but useless brochures, gift books, diners;
  • Provide you with guide to best way from design, to implementation and analysis of results;
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