Training KPI pack

Training KPI pack: great offer for quick start

Training KPI pack: great offer for quick start

While our customers are established companies or professional Balanced Scorecard consultants, we understand that smaller companies would like to learn more about Balanced Scorecard concept too, improve business performance with this method and learn how to create their own scorecards and KPIs with minimal investments. For this very purpose the Training KPI pack was designed.

Training KPI pack includes:

  • Training KPI to measure training performance (normal price in the commercial KPI library is $60);
  • Guide “How to build training KPI from idea to implementation”. 15 slides in PowerPoint PPT and PDF (can be also purchased as a part of BSC Toolkit for $210);

With Training KPI pack you will have:

  • Ready-to-use KPI for evaluation of training process in your company;
  • KPI is delivered as Excel file and as a file for BSC Designer (there is a freeware version this program too);
  • The guide will provide you with step-by-step information on to build your own KPIs

Why buy Training KPI pack:

  • It is all-inclusive start-up pack: there is ready-to-use KPI, guide on how to design your own KPIs, you can start your experiments right now using freeware version of BSC Designer;
  • It is low entry level investment – compare $30 for Training KPI + Guide, instead of $60 for KPI and $210 for BSC Toolkit;
  • To check your files you won’t need to buy expensive software. You can use MS Excel application, or BSC Designer freeware version;


Once the order is placed it will be processed by our partner – RegNow. Typically it is processed immediately and RegNow will provide you with links to download the full version of toolkit. Also, the information with download links will be sent to your email.

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The Training Pack is distributed in various formats, typically, it is Adobe Acrobat PDF. The PowerPoint presentation is distributed in the format of MS PowerPoint. Please, check details of the document available on pack home page before purchasing.

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