BSC Designer Uses XML-based Document Format

All the editions of the BSC Designer use the same XML-based document format. It gives users a flexibility of the usage. One can upload and access the document in BSC Designer Online, or save it to a local hard disk.

.BSC file is a document like MS Word document

Think about .BSC project file as  being about a document. Even if it is in BSC Designer Online, it is still a document. You don’t have to use any specific database, you can always download a document it and save to your local hard disk.

XML-based File format

Balanced Scorecard Project File
The data in .BSC file is not coded in any way. We are using open XML-base format. It means that any 3rd party developer can easily design import the data from .BSC file format.

One file, several editions

As you know, BSC Designer is available in the form of several editions. We have BSC Designer Desktop (Light, Standard and PRO editions). There is a BSC Designer Android. And there is a BSC Designer Online.

All these editions use the same file format. It means that a .BSC document created in BSC Designer PRO can be opened in BSC Designer Online or on the mobile device that has Android OS. Or you can create a BSC project in BSC Designer Online and access it from BSC Designer Desktop or Android.

One BSC file several editions

Download vs. Access

If you have a project in BSC Designer Online you have two ways to open it.

  1. You can login into your account using the web interface.
  2. Then you can click the “Download” button to download the project.

Or you can access the file directly from BSC Designer:

  1. Start BSC Designer PRO
  2. Select “Check in project” command in File menu.
  3. Work with the project, once you finished select “Check out project” in File menu.

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