Balanced Scorecard and Software Quality

Vienna - Software Quality Days - Using BSC to measure software qualityWe have recently participated in “Software Quality Days” in Vienna with presentation on how it is possible to use the Balanced Scorecard concept to measure software quality.

My key ideas were:

  • Don’t measure something just because you can;
  • Focus on measuring the result, rather that process;
  • KPI that shows how fast you can change and how fast you can release new version show much more that number of problems in your product;
  • Instead of measuring the number of mistakes someone made, measure the number of returning problems;

We believe that the information that we gave out was really valuable, so we’ve decided to create a short informative video on this topic with professional narrations.

Let me tell you few words about Vienna and the conference. It was the 5th Software Quality Days and there were many presentations that are worth your attention.

As we all expect, the keynote speakers are usually telling us about some kind of general ideas, boring things, but not this time! Each keynote speaker provided his piece of valuable piece of information.

Useless quality formulas

Professor Manfred Broy showed in his presentation “Software-Quality: From Requirements to Architecture” many interesting approaches to understanding software architecture as well as software quality. Showing some huge and useless formulas to estimate “quality” that corporations use and believe that it works for them.

Quantification by Tom Gilb

Just before my speech there was Tom Gilb who shared his viewpoint on quantification in “Quality Quantification for Quality Engineering.” Again, a lot of interesting examples. Tom tried (and had tremendous success during his presentation) to quantify music, love and off course software. So, if you fail to quantify something, check Tom’s blog and you’ll find answer or at least inspiration. Tom, I hope you enjoyed Vienna!

And for sure, the final keynote speaker Hermann Scherer was impressive. The story began even before he arrived, as due to snow some flights were canceled and Hermann Scherer had to take a taxi from Munich to Vienna. Arriving half-hour later he still was able to do an excellent presentation with lots of examples from various niches, not only the software industry.

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