Add funds to BSC Designer Online balance

Add funds to the account

Please, make sure you have a registered account in BSC Designer online.

  • Monthly fee: $30 per project
  • Additional users: free

Using the link below you can choose from available payment methods to add funds to your account:

Additional users are free

With you can share your project with your team giving them full rights or make it public with view-only rights. Anyway, you won’t be charged for having additional users. You can create users that will input your data or that will have access to initiatives – you don’t pay for these users and they don’t pay for using the system.

How to check out my monthly fee?

You should log in into and go to the billing page. There you will find a deduction log and estimated monthly fee that takes into account the number of projects you have.

Do you charge my credit card monthly?

We don’t charge your credit card. What you need to do is to use “Add funds” link above to add funds to your account using preferred payment method. When your credit will be getting low we will send you a reminder by email.

What if I add more projects to my account?

The service fee for your account is actually calculated on a daily basis, so if you will add more projects to your account or remove a project from your account, the next day your daily fee will be changed.

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