Cascading Balanced Scorecards – connecting to external scorecards

Cascading Balanced Scorecard - representation with strategy map

Cascading Balanced Scorecard – representation with strategy map that links several balanced scorecard projects

For efficient performance improvement and management with Balanced Scorecard, it is not enough to create just a top-level scorecard for top managers. The scorecard should go deep into the organization structure, e.g. scorecard of CEO should be linked to scorecards of top managers and scorecards of top managers should be linked to scorecards of their employees. That idea is called Cascading Scorecard.

In BSC Designer we have not limited the cascading to any particular technique – users are free to use just certain data for cascading purposes (using SQL indicators), and it is also possible to create cascades of scorecards, e.g. link together scorecard located in the company network or on the company’s server.

With BSC Designer, the user can not only design his own indicators, but also link to indicators in other external scorecards.

For instance, the manager of the HR department can place his scorecard on the web-server. The CEO of the company can connect to this scorecard and use its indicators or performance values of the whole category or the performance value of the scorecard.

This way, the user can link to scorecards located on the web site, file in the network or hard disk.

Learn more about linking scorecards or download trial version of BSC Designer to try this function yourself.

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