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This page contains information about BSC Designer and Balanced Scorecard case studies.

Balanced Scorecard Case Studies

Pair programming and strategy description

When do you think it is a good time to work on a strategy? In the end of the year? Every quarter? During summer holidays?... Read more »

Why KPIs are just a tip of the business performance iceberg

KPIs don’t work without a proper business context! Right?! Then how is one supposed to get this business context? If KPIs are just a tip... Read more »

Balanced Scorecard in the virtual company management training

Sergio Valenzuela Mayer from Chile-based Consultora SVM y Cía Ltda implements BSC Designer in the business simulation class room. Students could present a whole picture of the virtual... Read more »

Case study: A business scorecard project started in Excel and moved up to BSC Designer

A case study with Pablo Avengo, MBA, IT Manager from Argentine-based manufacturing company Ventalum S.A.I.C. In this case study Pablo shares the experience of Ventalum on implementing the business... Read more »

Case study: Modeling the commercial strategy for 2014 with BSC Designer

Case study with a Mexico-based software development company 2Realpeople that used the Balanced Scorecard framework automated with BSC Designer to model their commercial strategy for 2014. Top managers... Read more »

Case Study: The Balanced Scorecard To Streamline Controlling

Slovenia-based provider of information security services Astec d.o.o. started the Balanced Scorecard project to implement controlling in their business processes. The company plans to aggregate business-critical data... Read more »

Case Study: Improve Customer Satisfaction With BSC

Case study: BSC Designer software supports the Balanced Scorecard concept in Italian IT company “Concept Italia”, Intel Software partner based in Rome. Summary Top... Read more »

Case Study: Cultural Shift With BSC - Employees And Strategy

Case study: BSC Designer software supports a cultural shift from “I’m doing my job” to “I do understand strategy” in Talent Consulting. Summary The case study reveals... Read more »

BSC Designer unifies goals to develop business strategy

With BSC Designer I would like to summarize the tasks required to address the planning and control of the operations of the company for 2013.... Read more »

BSC Case Study: Mexican Finance Company

AKS-LABS customers traditionally enjoy professional support service.  Some of them are also eager to share their experience of using AKS-LABS products.  Company tech specialists and... Read more »

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BSC Designer Users Say

Case studies: Strategy Maps

People use strategy map to describe their business objectives, strategies, and support their strategy discussion. Learn about strategy map best practices shared by our users.... Read more »

Automation Software for Balanced Scorecard - Case Studies

There is no one size fits all solution for the Balanced Scorecard automation. Some companies create basic KPIs in Excel and report their scorecards via... Read more »

Cascading of the Balanced Scorecard - Case Studies

Balanced Scorecard framework helps to translate the strategy across a company. When it comes to the technical realization it might be a challenging task. Check out... Read more »

Reporting with KPI Scorecard - Case Studies

One of the benefit of Balanced Scorecard is that it gives a reporting framework as well. In theory each business objective need to be aligned with at... Read more »

Drill Down and Follow Up Objectives - Case study

Vague goals and specific objectives form any well-defined strategy. Find below some best practices about using following up and achieving these objectives. If you have any... Read more »

Teaching Balanced Scorecard and KPIs - Case studies

Among users of BSC Designer we have many teachers that need to explain business performance concepts to their students. On this page educational professionals and... Read more »

Solving performance challenge with Balanced Scorecard

They say that it is important to measure the performance of the business. Moreover, it is important to measure not just the hours spend on job,... Read more »

Building Strategy Scorecard - Excel and Alternatives

MS Excel is a popular business tool, many people use it for scorecards, and KPIs. However, when it comes to the complex Strategy Scorecard or... Read more »

Users apply Balanced Scorecard for the personal tasks

Balanced Scorecard, strategy map, and KPIs sound like something that only top manager of international company can use. Some of our users share their experience about... Read more »

BSC Designer supports strategy implementation tool

Users of BSC Designer share their thoughts about using the product to support strategy description, implementation, and execution. You might also be interested in checking... Read more »

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