On this page you will find interviews with Balanced Scorecard and Business Performance management professionals. For readers of our web-site it is a great chance to learn what specialists in Business Performance management think about Balanced Scorecard and other business management concepts.

Interviews with Balanced Scorecard Experts:

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Sarah Worsham, CEO & Web Strategist from Sazbean Consulting

Sarah Worsham, CEO & Web Strategist from Sazbean Consulting

The measurement of any business endeavor are actually very similar: start with the objective that you’re trying to attain, define strategies & tactics, and then look at what key performance indicators will tell you how you’re doing.

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Oleg Tumarkin, Juris Doctor, Master of Business Administration, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt an Adjunct Professor of Business at Concordia University of Wisconsin regularly shares his ideas on our web-site.

Oleg Tumarkin, Juris Doctor, an Adjunct Professor of Business at Concordia University of Wisconsin

We need indicators that become trigger points for action and it is not that relevant if they are perfect, it is more relevant that they cause us to make good decisions. Adoption of Balanced Scorecard.

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Stacey Barr - a well known expert helping business owners and top managers execute strategy and make the most of strategic frameworks, including Balanced Scorecard

Stacey Barr – a well known strategy execution expert

Measuring what matters is a competency that every organization needs to have. Success for me is when a client doesn’t need me anymore.

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