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Importance of Tracking Social Media KPIs

Social media provides the primary platform for shared information today. Facebook in fact, accounts for approximately 91 percent of all shared information on the internet. The only problem with that, is that social currency is hard to determine and placing a return on investment on things like ‘shares’ and ‘likes’

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Strategy Maps: A Guide for Getting Started

Today, strategy map has an image similar to a business treasure map, a kind of a business road map that is supposed to lead any organization to imminent success. Managers like to have page-size diagrams in PowerPoint that are proudly called strategy maps. As one can imagine, those strategy maps have nothing to do

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What Role Can Reward Specialists Play In Boosting Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement levels all over the world are at an all time low. According to this study by Gallup, titled, State of the Global Workplace [1], which looked at 142 countries and 180 million employees, only 13% of employees are engaged. Or, if looked at another way, this means that

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KPIs for a Dental Practice

Find below the list of the ready-to-use KPIs for a dental practice. It makes sense using these KPIs as a part of your Dental Practice Business Scorecard. Learn more about building this scorecard. New patient conversion rate Use this KPI to find out how efficient your marketing system is. You will

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Key Risk Indicators, Scorecard, and Template

Properly designed risk framework supports risk discussion in your company. It combines indicators that allow estimating risk probability, risk impact, and risk control actions. KRIs are not that different from KPI; Risk Management frameworks are not that different from the Balanced Scorecard. Let’s start the discussion about Key Risk Indicators

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Strategy-related problems and Balanced Scorecard

Frustration: Balanced Scorecard input into evolving strategy of the firm. BSC works best when put in the context of the organization’s medium to long term strategies. The system should make a stronger input into evolving the firm’s strategy which the BSC should support. Solution: Actually the most important question here

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Frustrations with buy-in of KPIs and BSC and how to solve them

Frustration: „The responsible person doesn’t want to be evaluated by the assigned measures“ Solution: The best idea to do in this situation is to analyze the reason why this happens. Measure is not adequate. Measure was assigned by manager from higher level without collaboration with line-level employee. As the result

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Problems with KPIs and how to solve them

Frustration: „Come up with the effective measures for each strategies“ Solution: There are some simple rules and algorithms that make this process easier. We discuss this in „How to design winning KPIs“ eTraining. One of the best ideas that you can start using right now is not actually focusing on

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Typical Balanced Scorecard pitfalls and how to avoid them

There are a number of typical problems that a company’s strategist faces when implementing the Balanced Scorecard framework. Those pitfalls were widely discussed on LinkedIn and it seems that everyone agrees on why those are problems and how to avoid them. But when it comes to identifying and fixing those issues in

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Is Your HR Strategy Aligned To Your Business Needs?

The HR profession has been in transformation for many years now. It was back in the 1990s that leading HR thinker, Dave Ulrich [1] put forward the idea that in order to become a respected business partner, HR needed to change. It needed to move away from being a reactive profession,

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