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Transforming Balanced Scorecard to Support Strategic Agility – Interview with Dan Montgomery

Interview with Dan Montgomery, internationally recognized expert in the fields of strategic planning, balanced scorecard, and leadership.

The Balanced Scorecard evolved from a measurement system into a complex strategy execution framework. Today it helps companies all over the world to describe and execute their strategies. Properly implemented BSC is supposed to help any organization, but we often hear that managers have faced some difficulties, in which BSC

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How Was The Balanced Scorecard Rated in 2014? Here is an Analysis of The Survey Results

How was the Balanced Scorecard rated in 2014?

2GC Active Management has recently published their annual Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey[1] for 2014. On ten pages they share the results of the survey together with the key findings and analysis of the trends. Here are some that I find especially interesting for those who are planning to implement the Balanced

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KPIs as a Base for Strategy Implementation

A journey from a bad KPI to an excellent strategy

Metrics or KPIs, are important part of any strategy. To achieve something one need to find the way to measure it first. Any strategy is unique, it means that most KPIs need to be tailored to the needs of the particular strategy. Here we compiled some case studies that show how users

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Strategy Execution 2014: Top 3 Problems and Their Solutions

Top 3 strategy execution problems

Palladium Group has recently published their “2014 Global State of Strategy and Leadership Survey Report” [1]. The report is based on the research conducted within 1,266 organizations worldwide. The results give an idea about the general strategy execution climate today and how executives perceive current market changes. Here are some of the key findings

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Balanced Scorecard in The Virtual Company Management Training

BSC in company management training

Sergio Valenzuela Mayer from Chile-based Consultora SVM y Cía Ltda implements BSC Designer in the business simulation class room. Students could present a whole picture of the virtual organization and share it with the professor and the other teams. Sergio was searching for packages to create dashboards of integrated KPIs, and finally decided

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Learning from Tesco Strategy Map and Scorecard

Learning Balanced Scorecard lesson from Tesco steering wheel

Great lesson of how Balance Scorecard works can be learned from global retailer Tesco. This company is known for its state of art Business Intelligence (BI) system. Balanced Scorecard is published yearly on as a part of Tesco’s BI system and is a must-see business performance tool. It even has its own name,

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Facts and Figures – How Employee Engagement Drives Business Outcomes

Employee engagement drives business outcomes

When I was writing an article about Measuring Employee Engagement (EE), I was so focused on researching and comparing measurement methods that I completely forgot to mention why Employee Engagement is important to a company! For me it was obvious, more engaged employees will create a better product and service and this

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KPI for Customs Broker Service Provider Bottleneck

Case study: Customs Broker Service Provider Suggested measure: time needed to process documents for customs clearance The company receives merchandise in the warehouse, inspects the merchandise, does the classification process, prepares the customs paperwork, pays duties, and sends it to the border crossing. Goal of measurement: measure the time frame for each part

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35 Scorecards Used to Cover All Business Units of Emirates National Oil Company

35 scorecards used to cover all business units of Emirates National Oil Company

I’ve just found a good insider report from the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC). A popular Middle East business resource is highlighting on its pages the Balanced Scorecard summit, which is taking place now in Dubai. It is interesting what data is shared from Salah Galadari, Director of the Business Planning and Performance Management

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Infographic for the Balanced Scorecard Concept

Balanced Scorecard Info Graphic

We believe that seeing information about Balanced Scorecard will give you a better insight about this concept. Download infographic as: PNG file | Adobe PDF If you prefer text information instead of info-graphic, check this statistics and facts page. Related Articles How Was The Balanced Scorecard Rated in 2014? Here

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