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In the meantime and prior to taking a final decision on what BSC application to adopt, it was decided that colleagues will, by way of benchmarking, look into other software applications available on the market… Initially, 32 software applications had been suggested for benchmarking, but later they were short-listed to 12…

To make sure a software application meets our needs, 16 criteria have been used in doing the benchmarking. On the basis of the following criteria: cost, interface language, upgrading, customization, and training, the subcommittee decided to opt for BSC Designer for its multiple-language feature and cost-effectiveness…

Check the full text in “Strategic Planning: The Quest for a Balanced Scorecard“.

“Perspectives” Volume VI, Issue 1, April 2009,

by Abderrahim Agnaou, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI)

A note from developers

It was really interesting to read about the application choice process used in this university. We are glad that the final choice was BSC Designer. I’d like to discuss some details that other visitors of our website would benefit from.

One of the key parts of strategy execution best practices involves company employees in the process. We believe that it is not possible without automation software. And what is more important, the automation software must speak your language. That’s why BSC Designer is localized to the most popular European languages, as well as to Arabic and Chinese. We did the localization with the help of Alconost, who are professionals in software localization. The most challenging task was the translation of specific strategy management terms. I believe that the localization was a success, as among users of BSC Designer are business professionals from all over the world.

As for the cost, we are trying to be flexible here as well. There is a BSC Designer Light, as a free edition that can help to start with KPI/BSC projects. We know that it is primary used for prototyping and teaching purposes. Once the company decides to take the next step in the BSC process, it can follow one of the suggested implementation plans and choose the correct number of Standard and PRO licenses. Finally, if company decides to use BSC Designer Online, then it is possible to enjoy the software as a service model, paying just a monthly fee without any additional maintenance costs.

As for training, we follow this principle: if a customer asks a question then we will answer it in detail. If another customer asks a similar question, then we need to create a good video and text instruction that will answer the question. As a result,  all major functions of BSC Designer video manuals are available.

Video manuals in BSC Designer

Also, our experts can help with some theoretical questions of the Balanced Scorecard, and the best idea to find the correct information is to check our articles library.

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