Controlling productivity of sales managers with KPIs

The main tasks that I’m solving with the help of BSC Designer are controlling productivity and KPI of our sales managers controlling productivity of SMM managers.

Roman R., CEO, AdLaim, Perm, Russia

I’m really thankful for such a good decision to control the efficiency of our company’s sales managers. This KPI control software helps me to see the picture of people’s productivity in a very simple way. What I like most of all, is that I can see the productivity in different ways: graphics, numbers, percentage and so on. Also I can export data to Excel files, so our stuff can get the data and understand how efficient they are and in what fields exactly they need to work more. This gave us an objective view.

A note from developers:

Thank you for such an interesting feedback. I hope that from the lessons that you are getting by email after downloading BSC Designer you have learnt some new, useful techniques about the Balanced Scorecard concept and managing KPIs.

For those who will find this opinion text in search engines, I’d like to mention that the Balanced Scorecard approach is not about KPIs only. KPIs tell us a story about what’s happening with productivity right now. This is performance monitoring. The Balanced Scorecard can give us an idea about why it is happening and what we can do about this. In simple words this is performance management. Here is how both performance monitoring and management is automated in BSC Designer.

The difference is small, but this small difference is what a company can employ as a formalized approach to search and analysis business insights. This small difference can help anyone to focus company’s activities on what’ matter.

Monitor KPI, plan action and track progress

Also, a popular sales resource Salesforce published two articles by our business expert Aleksey Savkin. You might find some ideas relevant to managing your sales department as well:

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