Discovering the new horizons of management: The benefits

What will you obtain by using BSC?

To be short, use of Balanced Scorecard will let you use:

To manage your business as a unit (which includes almost unknown for most of managers “noneconomic” factors). Think about how often you was saying “manage” and in the matter of fact kept in mind some unimaginable blend of “going there not knowing where” and “ do what others tell you”. Managing as a unit means the whole organization (every single employee) works in order to achieve a strategic goal.

To improve the level of visibility of business the managers up to the top level of hierarchy. With BSC you will get a measure with the help of which you can impartially to estimate your business and to predict probable scenarios of its development before the market will do it instead.

Really to control your managers without need to immersion in those parts of administration, that they are responsible for it. If before BSC implementation you were thinking that no one of your managers will not risk to cheat you, so now they simple will not be able to do it in large-scale.


The volume and format of our article does not let us to describe BSC in more detail. If you want Balanced Scorecard to work for you at the full capacity, it is necessary to know and to be able to use a lot of quite difficult details of this methology correctly.

The map of the article

Part 1. Discovering the new horizons of management: Introduction;
Part 2. Discovering the new horizons of management: Measuring non-material;
Part 3. Discovering the new horizons of management: How exactly to measure?;
Part 4. Discovering the new horizons of management: The benefits.

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