Excel Report in BSC Designer

You can choose “Export to MS Excel” from the Reports menu to generate a live copy of your Balanced Scorecard in MS Excel.

This spreadsheet will include all of the indicators and categories from your scorecard.  If you change the value of an indicator on your spreadsheet, Excel will automatically update the total value of your scorecard, as well.

The Excel Report is a great choice when you need to collaborate on your scorecard with a colleague who doesn’t have BSC Designer.

Select "Export to MS Excel" command to create MS Excel Report

Select “Export to MS Excel” command to create MS Excel Report

  • MS Excel report does not ask user to select the reporting period. BSC Designer creates Excel report for the date that is selected on the calendar

Why Excel report is needed

  • To keep the report files in achieves for internal or external needs;
  • To share project’s data with colleagues or other people involved who are not equipped with BSC Designer;

Inside Excel Report

The header section of MS Excel report created with BSC Designer

The header section of MS Excel report created with BSC Designer

The header section of the Excel report contains the basic information about the project.

  • project’s name (it is “Balanced Scorecard” in our case);
  • project’s description;
  • the total performance value.

Learn more how to change Project Properties with BSC Designer.

Indicators in MS Excel Report generated by BSC Designer

Indicators in MS Excel Report generated by BSC Designer

The following part of Excel report includes information about categories, indicators and their values.

  • Changing the values and the weights will automatically recalculate the project’s performance;
  • All the formulas are included in the *.xls / *.xlsx file;

MS Excel Report created with BSC Designer includes the following columns:

  • Perspective” column shows the name of the category.
  • Indicator” column shows the name of the indicators.
  • Description” columns shows description for the categories and for the indicators.
  • Weight” column shows weight values for the elements: yellow color for the categories and green for the indicators; those values could be changed manually.
  • Value” column shows the values of the indicators and the calculated value of the categories. Changing the values of the indicators will affect the performance values of their parent categories and the whole project.

    Information for indicators in Excel spreadsheet

    Information for indicators in Excel spreadsheet

The screenshot above presents 4 more columns:

  • Target Value” column shows the goal for the indicator – the value that is needed to be reached in order to achieve the strategic goal measured by the indicator.
  • Target Description” here is the text description of target goal.
  • Absolute Weight” column shows the coefficient of weight value of the item, referring to the whole project’s performance. The numbers here depend on both the indicator’s own weight and its parent category’s weight.
  • Absolute Performance” column shows the performance of indicator taking into account its absolute weight. The absolute value depends on absolute weight value of the item, its current value, minimal and maximal values and the direction of the optimization and the formula of the optimization.
  • This report can be generated using command line interface. Learn more in BSC Designer manual.
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