Export to HTML report

Balanced Scorecard ChartBalanced Scorecard can be exported into an Excel file or to an advanced HTML report. The Advanced HTML Report includes performance information for various data points covered by the scorecard, also, users will find there data tables with information about values’ changes for indicators.

HTML report is a great way to share Balanced Scorecard with others. There are 3 types of HTML reports with different level of details.

The html report can be customized using “Custom values” and “Custom files” tag from document properties dialog.

Balanced Scorecard Example

Click to see Balanced Scorecard Sample screenshot

One of the possible export report formats is “Overview Report”. This type of report contains information about top-level indicators and groups in Balanced Scorecard. The “Overview Report” is a good starting point for any education, training or presentation related to Balanced Scorecard.

The “Overview Report” as shown on the Balanced Scorecard Sample screenshot has information about main categories (in our case you can see four main categories) and information about each top-level indicator in the category.

The indicators are listed in the tables together with their descriptions.

In the center of the report there is an information about Balanced Scorecard, its name, description and author.

The Overview Report is generated as .htm file, so it is easy to share it with co-workers, for instance, by placing on a web-server or printing out from web-browser.

Please, note: the Overview Report is limited only to top-level categories and indicators. This report is for presentation purposes, because it doesn’t contain some valuable performance values, so if you need more detailed report, use Advanced HTML Report.