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Not ready to purchase professional version of BSC Designer? We are happy to provide you with BSC Designer Light – Freeware – ideal solution for home users.

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BSC Designer Light Freeeware
The BSC Designer Light provides basic functionality for KPI management. BSC Designer is a freeware utility for management of key performance indicators (KPI). Light version of BSC Designer was designed to help individuals and small businesses to get started with KPI and balanced scorecard concepts.

BSC Designer Light Functions

Manage KPIs

Managing indicators

Custom KPI stop-lights

Stop lights

Measure units score weight

Score and weight management

KPIs and Time Points

Time points, e.g. ability to specify different values for indicators for different time points

Performance formula

Performance formulas management.

The details of KPI

Editing details of indicators

This software is a great alternative to the manual design of scorecards in Excel.

Upgrade to PRO when needed

At any time the Light version can be upgraded to Standard or Professional. The projects that you created in BSC Designer Light will work in PRO version as well.

.BSC file is a document like MS Word document
Think about .BSC project file as being about a document. Even if it is in BSC Designer Online, it is still a document. You don’t have to use any specific database, you can always download a document and save to your local hard disk. Read more…

When to upgrade?

When should users of BSC Designer Light consider upgrading to more feature-rich versions?

  • If reporting functions are needed;
  • If customized performance formulas are needed;
  • When strategy maps are needed;
  • Pro version allows users to access data from different data sources (SQL indicators, Excel, web output).

Check here the versions comparison table.

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