Improve business performance with Balanced Scorecard

The SA Army has made a decision to implement the BSC Designer as a strategy tool in order to improve business performance.  Typical tasks will include designing of a strategy map, defining objectives, defining measures and controlling implementation using easy to follow dashboards.

Pierre de Montfort, Second-in-command, SA Army ADA School, Kimberley, South Africa

We have a very good experience with BSC Designer, as this instrument can facilitate the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard in our unit. We have been trying to design a MS Excel spreadsheet but this approach proved to be more difficult than anticipated. BSC Designer, therefore, is very welcome attempt at an electronic version of the Balanced Scorecard.

A note from developers:

Thank you for your feedback. Many business professionals tried to use an MS Excel spreadsheet for the Balanced Scorecard. It might work for smaller projects where only one person accesses the scorecard. When a team is growing employees and starts exchanging Excel spreadsheets, it becomes time consuming and involves unnecessary efforts. With this approach it is hard to use the Balanced Scorecard for strategy execution. As a result companies face a motivation problem as employees don’t like to use a tool that they are not comfortable with. Excel is fine for presenting data tables, and charts, but for the Balanced Scorecard a professional tool is preferred.

Balanced Scorecard Challenges

You mentioned that you control the implementation of the strategy using a dashboard. In the latest versions you can do even more. BSC Designer now can display performance data directly onto the strategy map. You can have your strategy map with objectives linked to each other and BSC Designer will also visualize KPIs that are aligned to business objectives. In this way you can use a strategy map to have a look at what’s going on. You can add to the strategy map performance or progress indicators. If you need more details you can switch to the dashboard.