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Adding Categories and Indicators to a Balanced Scorecard


Introduction - Functions Overview - Purchase Program

Use Balanced Scorecard Wizard to add new indicators

Find "Balanced Scorecard Wizard" command in "File" menu. The Wizard will help you to design the Balanced Scorecard step-by-step.

First, you will be asked to specify your current business objective, then you will need to enter possible solutions that can help to achieve the business objective. Finally, for each business solution you will need to specify possible measures. As a result BSC Designer will generate the Balanced Scorecard according to your business goals.

  • Some basic knowledge of Balanced Scorecard concept will be necessary to design good Balanced Scorecard. E-Trainings on Balanced Scorecard help business professionals to learn more about this concept.

Adding Categories

A category in BSC Designer is a container for indicators or a sub-category:

  • Each category can contain an indicator;
  • Each category can contain a sub-category.

To add a category, you should follow three simple steps:

  1. You should select the root scorecard root or scorecard category item of a strategy tree.
  2. Then you should click the button in the toolbar to add a category: add category
  3. The new category will appear in a strategy tree, and you will need to give a description of the category in the text box below.

Adding an Indicator

Adding an indicator is as simple as adding a category. The only difference is that you should first select the parent category.

  1. First select any category add category in the strategy tree.
  2. Click the button in the toolbar to add an indicator add indicator .
  3. Specify below the Name and Description of the indicator.
  4. Change the indicator details if necessary.

Once all indicators and categories have been created, you can balance the tree.

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