BSC Designer - Introduction
BSC Designer Manual
Product overview
Building scorecards
Adding categories and indicators
Changing indicator details
Indicator and category formula
Ignoring indicators
Balancing trees
Custom measure units
Building custom formulas
Indicator update interval
Key Risk Indicators
Strategy maps
Strategy map with KPI
Print strategy map
Mission and vision
Business Goals
External values
Project check in/out
Linking to external scorecards
SQL-powered indicators
Link KPI to certain Excel cell
Data source in XML or JSON formats
Import Values
Export Values
Edit Values
Scorecard reports
Excel reports
HTML reports
HTML overview reports
Dashboard reports
PowerPoint reports
Progress and Performance
Time points
Diagrams and charts
Adding comment to a diagram
Grouping data by time periods
Indicator Analysis
Initiatives and Attachments
Alerts and notifications
Project properties
Command line
Technical support
Common questions
AKS technical support

BSC Designer - Online Manual

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Introduction - Functions Overview

AKS Support

AKS-Labs operates a 24-hour Customer Service Center. It acts as a single point of entry for all implementation and product-related queries. Our goal is to ensure that your service requests are prioritized and resolved in an efficient and timely manner. AKS welcomes you as a valued member of our customer base.  

The mission of of our Customer Support Service

Our mission is to provide you with first-class customer service through an experienced, dedicated team that operates in an innovative and delivery-focused culture of customer service. Since solving problems involves the exchange of technical details, the best way to contact AKS Customer Service is by using the web support form:

Before contacting AKS Support

Before contacting AKS Support, it might be useful to visit the product’s web site and browse it for necessary information. Your questions might already be answered in the FAQ section.

When contacting AKS, please make sure you include the following information in your support request:

  • Version of the software used. To look this up, launch BSC Designer and select the “About” command in the Help menu. The product version information is located there;
  • The OS and configuration of the computer you are using. The OS is the operating system, such as Windows XP or 2000;
  • Screenshot of the text or error message.

Request response

When you contact AKS Support, we will provide a solution to the problem and/or information about our estimated progress towards fixing the problem. It usually takes from 1 to 3 business days to suggest the definitive solution. 

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