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The Balanced Scorecard is all about linking strategic goals to line-level actions.  That requires collaboration between top managers and line-level employees.  And this collaboration is not possible without proper communication.

That is why BSC Designer includes powerful reporting features.  You can generate a wide range of reports, to share information, give professional presentations, and analyze the information on your Balanced Scorecard.

To generate a report, just open your Balanced Scorecard project, go to the Reports menu, and select the type of report you need.

Reports are available in three basic formats:

  • HTML reports are the most common choice.  They’re perfect for analysis and teamwork.
  • PowerPoint reports allow you to turn your Strategy Map or Strategy Tree into a professional business presentation.
  • Excel reports turn the indicators and categories on your Balanced Scorecard into a spreadsheet, so you can collaborate with colleagues who don’t have BSC Designer.


HTML Reports

To generate a basic HTML report, you can select “Export to HTML” or “Report for selected item” from the Reports menu.

  • You can choose the range of dates to include in your report.
  • You can choose the level of detail for your report: Mini, Standard, or Advanced.  The Advanced option includes the most details.
  • You can publish your HTML reports straight to the Internet.  You will need to specify your FTP access details so that BSC Designer can automatically upload your report.

If you chose a Standard or Advanced report, your HTML document will include diagrams.  Select “Report Options” from the Reports menu, and you can choose what kinds of charts to include, and how to arrange them on the page.

Overview Report

The Overview Report is an HTML file that looks like a classic Balanced Scorecard.  You’ll see each of your categories—as many as eight—with your top-level indicators inside each one

Key Risk Indicators Report

If you have any risk indicators on your scorecard—that is, any indicators that measure a risk—you can generate a Key Risk Indicators Report to review these special indicators.  This report will include a special risk diagram, but it will not include any information about your normal, non-risk indicators.

Dashboard Report

The Dashboard Report is exactly the same as the HTML report, but it only includes information about the values of your indicators and categories on one particular day.  If you want to know how your Balanced Scorecard is performing on a certain day, the Dashboard Report has all the information you need.

Export to MS Excel

You can choose “Export to MS Excel” from the Reports menu to generate a live copy of your Balanced Scorecard in MS Excel.  This spreadsheet will include all of the indicators and categories from your scorecard.  If you change the value of an indicator on your spreadsheet, Excel will automatically update the total value of your scorecard, as well.

The Excel Report is a great choice when you need to collaborate on your scorecard with a colleague who doesn’t have BSC Designer.

Export to MS PowerPoint

When you choose “Export to MS PowerPoint” on the Reports menu, BSC Designer will turn your scorecard into a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation will include all of your indicators and categories, as well as charts and data tables.  Make a few minor changes, and you can present your Strategy Map or your Balanced Scorecard to investors, top managers, or your CEO.

Tree Report

The Tree Report is an HTML report which includes an image of your strategy tree.  You can choose whichever tree view you prefer.  When you need to include an image of your Balanced Scorecard in a document or a presentation, a Tree Report is the perfect solution.

Strategy Map Report

Finally, you can generate a Strategy Map Report.  This is an HTML report which includes all possible strategy map placements for your project.  If you need to include your strategy map in a document or presentation, the Strategy Map Report will give you plenty of styles to choose from.

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