Stop Lights and Dynamic Indicators

BSC Designer provides a wide range of visual cues to help you understand the current state of your Balanced Scorecard.

The Strategy Tree view includes stop lights and dynamic indicators to help you understand how the performance of your indicators has changed.

  • Stop Lights are small colored circles that show the current state of the indicator.  Typically, stop lights will be green, yellow, or red, depending on whether the indicator’s value is good, marginal, or unacceptable.
  • Dynamic Indicators are arrows which show whether the indicator’s performance has improved, remained the same, or gotten worse since the last time point.

Application Options

Stop lights and dynamic indicator arrows are fully adjustable.  To access these settings, just open the Tools menu and choose “Application Options.”  Here, you can choose:

  • Which arrows to use, and which stop light colors to use.
  • What the threshold values should be—for instance, at what value a green light should become yellow or red.
  • Which view to use for your Strategy Tree: the Column Tree View, or the Simple Tree View.  We recommend the Column Tree View, which presents your strategy tree as a simple table.  You can hide any columns you don’t need.  Just click on the header at the top of the table, and check off which columns you’d like to display.

Strategy Tree Reports

If you’d like to share your Strategy Tree with your colleagues, just open the Reports menu and choose “Tree Report.”  BSC Designer will generate an HTML document with a graphical image of your Strategy Tree.  Notice that the Reports menu also includes a wide variety of other useful reports, so you can review, analyze, and share your progress at each step of the Balanced Scorecard process.