Balanced Scorecard and KPI Templates for Free

We have designed some templates for Balanced Scorecard. These templates make it easy to represent KPIs and Perspectives of Balanced Scorecard visually. Check out some examples of balanced scorecards’ templates below and download the file with templates for free.

Inside Balanced Scorecard Templates

Simple Balanced Scorecards Template

Simple Balanced Scorecards Template

Balanced Scorecard Template with initiatives

Balanced Scorecard Template with initiatives

How could Balanced Scorecard templates help your business?

  • The most important: representing data in a visually appealing way makes it easier to convert data to the information;
  • Ready-to-use templates for Balanced Scorecard save your time, you don’t need to hire professional designer – you already have what you need for a quick start;
  • Templates are great way to focus on data mining and information analysis rather than on graphical design;

Alternatives to Graphical Template

  • What you will find below is a graphical template that is the best option if you do a Balanced Scorecard presentation. If you are looking for the editable Balanced Scorecard template together withs KPIs and strategy maps, then you could check out the BSC Designer Online Template project.
  • If you are looking for something more than just a graphical template, check out the Classification of Balanced Scorecard Templates.

Download Free Balanced Scorecard Templates

BSC Templates are available as PPT and PDF files:

Balanced Scorecard Template

Download Balanced Scorecard Template for Free

Need more templates? Check out professional version with more than 40 slides.

More than templates?

Why you need Balanced Scorecard templates?

  • If it is for presentation purposes, then download free templates mentioned above, this is a great starting point to design visually appealing presentation for your business;
  • If you want to use these templates on daily basis, modifying data, adding more KPIs and perspectives, sharing results with others, then you need to power your template with some Balanced Scorecard software.
Power Balanced Scorecard template with web-based Balanced Scorecard software

BSC Designer Online. Power Balanced Scorecard template with web-based Balanced Scorecard software

Learn how to follow the Balanced Scorecard Framework with BSC Designer Online.

7 Business Scorecard Examples Available

Right now there are 7 business scorecards in the “Samples” folder

Business scorecard example for content marketing strategy


Learn more about real Balanced Scorecard examples in BSC Designer.

Business application of scorecards and KPIs

Here are some popular examples of the application of the business scorecards and KPIs in real business environment.

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