Top 5 reasons why promote Balanced Scorecard Software

The balanced score card is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.

  1. The concept is very popular today, more than 50% of Fortune 1000 companies have successfully integrated this concept into their business processes. Learn more in fact sheet.
  2. BSC Designer software is available in two forms: web-based SaaS version, powerful desktop version.
  3. BSC Designer Online provides access to BSC data from any point in the world using web-browser.
  4. BSC Designer PRO is a feature-rich desktop version with strategy maps, custom performance formulas.
  5. Target audience of BSC Designer are top-managers, CEOs and business owners, the BSC Designer’s product line is already recognized among business professionals.

BSC Designer Competitive Advantages

As for unique functions, available in BSC Designer Pro, here are the key ones:

  • BSC Designer includes a Strategy Map combined with the Balanced Scorecard tool. In other words, the tool could be used not only as a dashboard, but also as a full scorecard;
  • Mathematical formulas of measuring performance values are not limited by the basic linear functions, but could be customized to fit the company’s needs referring to the way of how to measure every of the indicators. An easy to use Formula Builder will make it possible for the users to create formulas for each indicator or use the standard ones;
  • An ability to delegate and and import indicators allows managers to easily organize the Cascading Scorecards. Since the tool is installed on every computer, involved in the chain, the process of building the links between BSC projects will not take much time. When the cascading is functioning, CEO could see up to date information about their VPs actual performance, VPs could give tasks and monitor for the lower level of management hierarchy and so on. Check out the example of building cascading scorecards, described in the following articles: Cascading with BSC Desinger;
  • The tool offers a wide range of exporting functions: several types of HTML–based reports (Export to HTML, HTML report for selected item, Overview report, Dashboard report for the whole project and for selected item, Strategy Map report), MS Excel report and MS Power Point report;
  • An ability for the user to customize the HTML report, selecting the types of diagrams and charts to be shown and the order of presenting them;
  • Establishing the linking between the BSC project and almost any type of existing database (including ERP’s ones) using SQL Indicators with easy to use SQL query builder,  so even non IT professional could handle it.


BSC Designer is an easy to use and understandable solution. It usually does not take longer, than few days for our customers to learn how to use most of  functions, the software provides.

We have a trial period of 30 free days for any of BSC Designer solutions, letting customers look through the software, try to use its functions, create the projects for their company’s needs, choose the version they would like to purchase.

Our prices are the lowest among that powerful solutions (even for the most expensive our product – BSC Designer Pro). Also there are great discounts for purchasing licenses for several users. Check the actual prices on our ordering page.

Qualitative support service provides our customers with all the information they need and problem solving. The respond from our qualified specialists is coming within 8 business hours (but usually less, than it). The paid service of Priority Email Support will reduce the time for responds even more because of the high priorities of the customer’s letters. Also our support specialists may call back by phone or Skype, if it will be more convenient for the user.

BSC Designer is available in three desktop versions with different prices, starting with BSC Designer Light (free-ware with very limited functionality), continuing with BSC Designer Standard (allowing a lot more functions and having a middle price) and finishing with BSC Designer Pro (a fully-functioning tool for real professionals, which costs more, but absolutely deserves its price). That is why different versions of our tool could become a good solutions almost for any business activity, starting with small home businesses and finishing with huge corporations.

BSC Designer Online could be a great solution for multiple usage of the projects, for the users who travels much and for the transnational and online businesses, which are much easier to coordinate through the Internet.  It is also a powerful version of the tool, which could be purchased though special credits, allowing costumers to use it with the limitation of time and the number of projects to work with.  Check out the difference between functionality of the all four versions of BSC Designer ( both online and desktop ones) in this comparative chart.

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