What is your biggest frustration or challenge with Balanced Scorecard (BSC)?

Balanced Scorecard frustrations and challenges reportWe are always looking for a new ways to provide our customers with better information and service. Today we decided to come up with a single question:

  • What is your biggest frustration with Balanced Scorecard? – answer this question to get a balanced scorecard consultation for free!

Why should one spend time to participate? Because you will have a solution! We know that your time is valuable and we are not just gathering the information to create a useless statistic report, we are actually going to find solutions that will help you to solve these Balanced Scorecard problems.

Balanced Scorecard Challenges

Once we analyze problems mentioned by our customers, all participants of this survey will have copy of our responses. This  is actually a free balanced scorecard consultation, which normally is expensive.

Take your chance to share your ideas about the biggest frustration with Balanced Scorecard and you will get some ideas that will help to solve your problem. Please, use comment box below to post your thoughts!