Import Values for Indicators From Spreadsheet or CSV

Learn how to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into the performance indicators in BSC Designer PRO.

Prepare a Template (optional)

  1. Create a scorecard with a KPI structure
  2. Select the Export values command in KPIs menu
  3. Follow the steps of the export master

Import From Spreadsheet or CSV

  1. Select the Import values command in KPIs menu
  2. Select the source for the data
  3. Click Next
  4. Preview data
  5. Click Next and if needed:
    • Click on the column name to associate it with the correct KPI property
    • Use swap columns and the rows Swap columns button button
    • Change settings in the Date group
  6. Click Next
  7. Change import settings if needed
  8. Click Next
  9. Preview recognized data
  10. Click Finish

GUID Property

  • GUID stands for Globally Unique Identifier
  • GUID helps to match the indicator in BSC Designer with the indicator in a spreadsheet
  • When importing, GUID has priority over a parent field

Link KPI Value to a Certain Cell in an Excel File

An alternative to importing from a spreadsheet is linking the KPI value to a certain cell in an Excel file:

  1. Go to the KPI tab
  2. Select any indicator
  3. Switch to the Data tab below
  4. Click the Data source button Data Source button
  5. Select the Link to MS Excel
  6. Follow the steps of the import master

What is a Named Range?

Name range is a more reliable alternative to addressing cells by their coordinates. More in Excel manual.

Additional Tips

  • The value will be imported into the date selected in the internal calendar
  • Use Update imported indicators in the Tools menu to repeat import

Importing vs. Linking

  • Import data to load scorecard with many values for many indicators
  • Link to the specific cell to update a few important values regularly