Link KPI to Specific Location on the Strategy Map

BSC Designer allows link KPIs with specific location on the strategy map. It is useful if KPI is responsible for certain geographical area.

Loading map

Select "Strategy Map" > "Placement Wizard" -> "Map with KPIs". BSC Designer will suggest you several options.

Select ready-to-use map template

Marking locations

1. Load any map following of the methods specified above. You will see something like this:

Europe Map in BSC Designer

2. Select area of the Spain. When you will release mouse button "Create MapMark from selection" menu option will appear. Click on this menu option. In the dialog "Enter area name" enter "Spain".

3. Now your map is marked and looks like:

Spain location is marked on the map

Auto detecting area on the map

1. Open any map where countries or regions have only borders without any lines or marks inside:

Map with empty regions

2. Select "Auto-detect map mark" button

Map mark auto-detect

3. Click in the center of area.

Click on the center of the area

4. BSC Designer will highlight selected region and suggest to enter name for this region:

Germany selected on the map


Associating KPIs with map locations

  1. Go to the "KPIs" tab
  2. Select any indicator
  3. Right-click on indicator and select "Link item to the map"
  4. In the dialog select necessary region, in this example it is Spain. Click "OK".

KPI is accociated with Spain

Important note: in the same way you can link any goal with certain map mark.

Automatic placement of KPIs linked to map of the map

Now KPI "New Indicator" is linked to "Spain" map mark. If you will switch to the "Strategy Map" tab the program will automatically suggest you to update your strategy map or you can do this manually.

Follow this steps to update your strategic map.

  1. Select "Placement Wizard" in "Strategy Map" menu.
  2. Make sure "Map with KPIs" option is selected.
  3. Click "Execute".

Now your map will have KPI on in in the certain area. The size of KPI on the map depends on size of the area and number of KPIs. If area is small or there is a high number of KPIs their format will be automatically updated to the smaller one.

Map with KPI