Scorecard Properties in BSC Designer

Use the Document properties command in the File menu to access additional scorecard customization settings.

Business scorecard project properties in BSC Designer

Main Tab

The Main tab contains information about the scorecard:

  • Author name
  • Scorecard name
  • Description

Measure Units Tab

  • Set default measure units used for the new indicators
  • Import measure units from other scorecards
  • Export measure units
  • Add new measure unit
  • Use Custom text fields to define qualitative measurements

Custom Values & Files Tabs

These two tabs help to customize reports:

  • Use Custom Values to insert text into the report
  • Use Custom Files to add some files into the report


The SQL tab presents settings for SQL indicators.

Password Tab

Use text fields on the Password tab to assign a password for reading and writing.


Define on this tab:

  • How the baseline is updated in BSC Designer
  • Display settings for leading and lagging indicators
  • The default value for the inheritance